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Brian, 11/30/2006
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I just picked up my A8L 4.2 V8 2 weeks ago and it is THE most luxurious car I've ever owned. The attention to detail of the interior leather and wood is sheer perfection. The drive is amazingly smooth but as precise as a surgeons scalpel. I can't believe that a large luxury car like this handles so well. Not to mention the all wheel drive gives me a feeling of confidence on the road that is a true benefit. Mine is Black with Amaretto Leather and the B & O stereo! The rear seat room is amazing and my girls love the power rear seats!

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Audi A8 L Luxury for Life

Strausburg, 06/01/2010
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Better than a Benz, BMW, Acura, Lexus for the L body style and large class of cars.

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A Great Car

TDL, 06/02/2007
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This is my third Audi, and I find them to be a superb balance between a luxury and sporty design philosophy. The vehicle feels like a smaller, more nimble vehicle, but has more room than practically anything else in this segment. The interior design and fit and finish are best in class. The S8 variant is an attractive alternative, but we also had a sporty car in the garage, and decided to go with the long wheel base and the extra rear leg room which precludes the S8 package. But, I also feel the extra length gives the car a more flowing appearance in the side view. Fuel economy is what you expect in this class, and when considering the performance (and the way I drive), it is rather good.

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Reliable, Safe, and Comfortable Land yacht

Mo, 04/04/2020
L quattro 4dr Sedan AWD (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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Here is my review on my 2007 Audi A8L. I bought this car from the original owner on June of 2018. My car has been serviced its entire life at the Audi dealer in Oakland CA. All service records on hand from day of import up until I purchased it at 94,000 miles. Today at 130,000 miles; it still drives like a dream. I have an independent mechanic that does all the work and recently had the intakes cleaned up. MPG is possible to achieve when the intakes are clean of carbon deposit. 2007 A8 and up have Direct injection FSI VS 2006 have port injection which keeps the valves clean. Though I can achieve 29-30MPG on long drives to los angels from the Bay Area you definitely will see approx 17MPG City and 26 Highway average. Prior to carbon deposit clean up i'd average 14 city and 20 highway. I do have a led foot. Biggest maintenance I have run into with my Audi is the front air suspensions gave up at 110,000 miles. Online you can find cheap rebuilds with life time warranty. I spent $600 on two front air suspensions and they are still holding up despite my "Transporter" Driving style. Over all this car has been very solid. The original owner of the vehicle had the car repaired at the dealer and much of the repairs he ordered the dealer to do when it was not necessary per mechanics comments. If your the type of person who is looking to have the car serviced at the dealer be ready to pay a lot as Audi Parts and the dealer charge more than the rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW. Having owned the 750LI from the same era and having a relative who owns a S430 of the same era I will say the Audi A8 is the most comfortable car of them all. The driver and front passenger seats can be in any position to help support your back and during the winter time the heated front and rear seats keep all occupants extremely cozy. This car being a L means you have A LOT of leg room. More than the Mere and BMW of the same era. One issue is this car is meant for two people in the back and not three as the middle back seat is not comfortable. Behind the wheel the car does not feel like such a land yacht and more like a smaller car but a ultimate cruiser. I average approx 90 MPH and this car does not give the driver any hints that your at such speed. Its that smooth. The Audi A8 does come with many standard features like power folding mirror, power trunk, soft closing doors, and rear power sun shade and manual side shades. I have the optional solar panel sunroof and during the summer time this car is always cool as the solar roof kicks on the air in the cabin to keep temperatures lower. I so far have had no issues with any of the mentioned items except the power trunk has gotten a little weak. Now for the Quattro system. Audi has a reputation for AWD. Having taken this vehicle up to the snow in the Sierra and taken sharp corners in the dry I can say this car definitely can turn into a Sport Sedan and grip the roads to such an extent that I don't know why people buy the BMW. Snow no prob. The steering of the A8 is extremely responsive and the engine puts out the exact power that the driver needs depending on how much power is applied to the gas. The 4.2 has enough power to pass other vehicles and with the air suspension can have enough clearance to clear small obstacles on the road. Their was a reason why the Audi A8 of this era was found in many of the Transporter Movies as it can do a lot safely and comfortably. Overall my car has been solid. Its been driven up to 145MPH and it is a dream and pleasure to drive. Again Audi Parts are not the cheapest compared to Mercedes or BMW but I did notice that they do tend to last a long time. On a side note make sure to have your car intake cleaned out at the earliest 50K miles and latest 100K miles. Carbon build up does dramatically reduce the performance of the vehicle and gas milage. Is the A8 a car you can do a lot of Do it yourself work? The short answer is yes. Tune ups are definitely possible but beware that a lot of jobs that involve working on the front of the car may result in the front bumper being removed. Spark plugs on BMW and Mercedes need replacing at approx 75K to 100K miles but on the Audi A8 its every 40K miles and if you have a lot of carbon deposit build up be aware that you'll be going through plugs much much more frequently. Lastly I do oil changes every 5,000 miles with mobil 1 0W-40. Im on the same timing chain and plan on keeping it that way. Keep your oil and filter changed every 5,000 miles and you won't be disappointed. These V8 don't burn oil so you shouldn't be adding any oil between oil changes. For fuel use I use chevron and shell only to keep the high pressure fuel pumps clean at all times. These cars have two high pressure ones on the top of the engine and one low pressure in the tank. They are not cheap if you have to replace them so I keep clean fuel in the car and add a additive every 5,000 miles from Audi. Over all this car is a 10/10. Buy one with service records.

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Excellent Touring Car

bigdognc, 02/02/2007
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The Audi A8L is the perfect vehicle for me. I drive about 50k miles per year between North Carolina and northern VA/DC and it can get very tiring in the wrong kind of car. The Audi is fun to drive and is very quiet and comfortable. The quattro drive is great when there are some icy conditions on the VA highways. The bluetooth connection with my phone works superbly and keeps my attention on the road while driving. The rear camera and front and rear parking sensors are very handy when parking and backing out of crowded parking garages. The rear seat area is very spacious and will seat 3. The rear leg and shoulder room is unbelievable. I can easily fit my 2 biggest clients back there.

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