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2001 A8 D2 Quattro 4.2L V8 5V

JONMAH1, 04/13/2008
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This car is probably the best I have ever had to deal with. Unlike Chryslers, Volkswagens (you'd think they were the same, but they're not), GM, and Acura (which are quite reliable too), this car has run like a Mack truck practically, performed beyond belief, and given me a solid 22 mpg out of a full-size luxury sedan. The grip is tenacious for a 4057 lb. car and enables the driver to make quick lane changes if need be (Columbus traffic isn't the most forgiving). All in all, this car is a keeper.

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A8 in north palm beach

anthony simpson, 05/31/2006
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I purchased an A8L and I am very pleased. You never see a lot of A8 s on the road so your A8 stands out at being different. The cabin is so quiet that when you go through the brushless car wash and the dryers turn on you hear the fan motors instead of the wind noise.I sold a Porsche 911 for the A8 and I am very surprised with the performance. The off the line acceleration is very quick and smooth as it holds you back in the seat through all of the gears. My buddies have 745s, and Lexus 430s and they prefer to take the A8 the very few times we get together. Last but not least the build quality is Impressive because the car is all aluminium and straight as a arrow, seams, and door jams.

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Love This Car!

Philly B, 10/25/2004
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Bought the car a little over a year ago while still under warranty. Just past 50k miles, so no longer will get free maintenance. Very good driving car. Everyone who gets in it marvels at how smooth and quiet the ride is. Absolutely excellent in the snow. Great on the highway for long rides. Only had to replace a tie rod which I think got damaged when a hit a wicked pot hole in NYC. Love the sound system. Could use more cup holders, which I think was done with new '04 model. Will definitely consider buying another one in a few years...and that's unusual for me to get the same car again. Says something about this car.

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All around best used car I ever bought

Car buff, 03/24/2010
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Dumped my 06 R350, to much time in the shop and issues never fixed. Should have got an another Audi-well now I have- this is my 2nd one and I love the big car feeling, plenty of power, great handling all the creature comforts, get one used if you can and save a few $$. Put 9k miles on it so far and it just does what it supposed to do! It now has 145k and feels like new. Great car.

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All Cars have Maintenance Costs.

T in CA, 04/11/2010
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Bought the car certified-preowned, (used). Car was in a front end/rear end collision so price was lower than listed. In spite of the collision history, body panel fit is excellent. Things that have gone wrong...whoever put the drain system for the moonroof in did so incorrectly causing a leak when it rained, the dealer took three trys to get it fixed. Other than that MAP air sensor, trans filter service and power steering fluid leak repair. Above and regular maintenance is all that I've had to have done to the vehicle. Out of warranty so sought out non-dealer service which halved the cost of repairs.

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