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Love this car! Best $600 I ever spent!

David Johnson, 03/28/2016
LS 4dr Sedan
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I bought my 4DR Legend LS from its original owner on Craigslist. It had 196K miles on it and needed head gaskets, which the owner was honest about, and the paint was a little faded. So I spent 2 weekends taking the heads off, and while I was in there I put in new belts, hoses, and a rebuilt alternator and starter from Napa. Contrary to other reviews, the engine does *not* need to come out of the car to do this. That was 4 years and 40K miles ago. To celebrate the fact that I'll probably own this car another 10 years, I had it painted for $1000 by another guy I found on Craigslist a few month ago and it looks like new again! I've driven it from Colorado to California, all over Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, in all kinds of weather, including ski trips to the mountains. It has never let me down and the performance is amazing for such an old car. Even my girlfriend loves it! Update: April 2017. Still driving this car every day. Had a small oil leak at the oil pump gasket over the winter, but it only took me 1/2 hour and a $4 O-ring to fix. No other problems.

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14 years old and looking great

SJB, 06/21/2008
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I always was allured by the body style of the Legend. Even after the fact that it is a 14 yr old car the design is unsurpassed. The Legend was way ahead of it's time. I bought this car with 120k and the motor is as if it was off the showroom floor. It squaks the tires from 1st to 2nd gear, without me trying. It is luxury and sport wrapped into one. 'Nough said!!!

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Walking could not be cheaper!

David Dahbura, 02/14/2010
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I bought this car after leaving my business card on the windsheild in a parking lot. The car was perfect despite the miles which did not scare me. It has been FLAWLESS, it has had the usual preventative maintenance done but otherwise NOTHING has ever needed repairing. My only gripes are the LOW (very low) front bumper which seems to catch on everything and has now been repaired countless times and the too low driving position, but in defense of the later, I think my age and bum knee are more to blame than the car. I have calculated my costs for this car which I paid $3,000 for, and I assure you, I could not have walked the same distance cheaper than this car has cost. I want another one ASAP

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Why did Acura Stop Making This?

alexgutfleish, 05/18/2011
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I recently inherited my grandmother's 1994 Acura Legend, which only has 42,300 on the odometer. Overall the car is great, I love the handling, the acceleration, and the rear visibility is fantastic for a sedan of that size. The only things I dislike are the automatic transmission, which bucks when going from first to second. Also, the car does not get the best fuel economy and requires premium fuel, which isn't the best when gas is $4.20-4.50 a gallon. Finally, in terms of technology its "outdated" (It has a cassette player and no GPS). Other than that I love it. Great car!

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beware the Blown Head Gasket of Death

mannydantyla, 01/09/2015
LS 4dr Sedan
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First off, this is a good car. Great styling, very powerful V6 engine, fun to drive, and (99% of the time) mechanically reliable. I never had to do any major repairs except the CV shafts and a thermostat. That was until THE HEAD GASKET WENT OUT. And, on these cars, that means the entire engine must be pulled out of the engine bay to get the heads off and replace the gaskets. NOT WORTH IT. The speedometer was broken, muffler was shot, door jam was not working, telescoping steering wheel was stuck in the most upright position, seats where worn to shreds, rust was forming, etc. And all of that at ~140k miles. Good car but didn't last long. Beware if buying.

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