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2006 Lotus Exige Pictures

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2006 Lotus Exige 2dr Coupe 2006 Lotus Exige 2dr Coupe 2006 Lotus Exige 2dr Coupe 2006 Lotus Exige Interior 2006 Lotus Exige Dash 2006 Lotus Exige Seat Detail 2006 Lotus Exige 2dr Coupe 2006 Lotus Exige 2dr Coupe 2006 Lotus Exige Wheel Detail 2006 Lotus Exige Center Console Six-speed Toyota-sourced gearbox is quick and positive. Gear ratios are well chosen. Only a decade or so ago we could only dream of having a CD player in an exotic sports car. In an all-out, ultralight, razor-sharp sports car like the Exige, the best thing we can say about the stereo is that it has one. The Exige comes with the Elise's sport pack suspension, wheels and tires. Choose your favorite deity. He, She or They is/are in the Exige S details. 2006 Lotus Exige Exige interior is simple, functional and confining. The thinly padded Exige seats aren't shaped correctly for every driver; they do easily accommodate Secant's five-point harnesses, however. Switching between 100-octane and pump gas calibrations is as easy as depressing the Lotus traction control button just to the left of the hazard switch. Huge track-ready Toyo R-compound tires seriously beef up the look of this Exige. As similar as they might look, the Exige and Elise have only their doors and mirrors in common. Every other body panel is changed. Forty-eight pounds of the Exige's 90-pound downforce total comes from the rear wing which dominates its tail. Getting in and out of the Exige requires some athleticism. Bespoke ProBax seats are ideal. They may not look like much (and there's not much to them), but the Exige's seats are perfectly contoured and are padded with ProBax multidensity foam. Passenger's seat is fixed to the floor. In case you have concerns that you're about to take flight...
2006 Lotus Exige
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