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The Brick

usmcpilot, 01/22/2011
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I have been in the automotive industry for over thirty years and I can say that this wagon, if properly maintained will not fail you or yours. The piece of mind you receive in terms of safety has no equal. I've seen these cars rolled, samashed and crushed and 99% of them had room to live. These cars have a time tested history of safety and reliability. Forget buying one after 1994. Rwd drive is the way to go as all the drive componets are in alignment. A very simplistic approach to good enginneering and design. It is not unusual to see these cars still on the road with over 400K on them. Make a wise choice, buy one with maint. history and love it and it will go as long as you wish.

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So uncool, it's cool.

ursan, 09/06/2014
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This being among the last of the classic RWD chassis, Volvo really did their homework. It's tight, refined and quite possible one of the finest production cars of the 1990's. Even a basic Turbo model will have power seats, A/C, rear child booster seats and the wagon can fit up to seven. Avoid the non-turbo if you can. 114 HP in a 3,300# vehicle will make you understand the phrase, "Volvos don't accelerate, they gain momentum." Turbo gets you 162 HP with only slightly less MPG. (worth it) With proper maintenance they can last a long long time (mine is now 20 years old) With a little skill and $$ they can easily be made to perform well (just ask David Letterman)

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Absolutely FANTASTIC

Tom, 05/07/2010
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Bought 2010, 157K miles, cost $2800, ONE owner car complete w/ orig manuals, service records up to 145K. What a beautiful car to drive. Bought 2007 Nissan Sentra new and is pure plastic. Literally cannot compare with Volvo as the Vovlo is a REAL car, quality built, drives like a dream and I know I am safe inside. I hope I never have to buy another car. This car was made with pride or workmanship, pride of design team, pride of manufacturer. This is the type of car China will never make... nor any other country ever again. I am so proud and pleased to have found this car.

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Tractor motor, truck tranny, scan design interior and plane jane exterior

drjjjj, 04/28/2012
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Comfy, quiet, torquey 4 banger with toyota truck transmission (yep, same one)! Very reliable when given basic maintenance, marginal if not! 1992- had SIPS side impact design that all use today, antilock, hydraulic motor mounts with motor to submerge in collision, ballistic seat belts and crumple interior! Also, limited slip rear end works well in snow! Neat car even today, $25K new back then tells ya somethin about the build quality/components! My air bag light is still off/functions 20 years later, the wagon is the size of an SUV and the 90- 92 is geared the tallest and so gets the best mileage -about 18/20 town and 24/26 highway on reg! Love the cars, had many, will get a prius next!

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I want to buy a new one but I can't

Thomas Deprez, 09/16/2010
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This is the best car I have ever owned. After 17 years my turbocharged 940 wagon will still give a new European Touring Car a run for it. I blew away my bosses new Infinity. I would give anything to be able to buy a new one today. 220,000 miles and it doesn't burn a drop of oil. After 17 years I still have the original belts, hoses, and struts. I was rear ended by someone who totaled their vehicle. My Volvo sustained no damage! Now I understand Volvo was sold by Ford to a company in China. Who knows what it will become in the future. My wagon looks exactly like the picture. Now since spare parts are gradually being discontinued I will need to get a new car.

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Was leery at first - now I am a fan

oldcarandguy, 10/22/2014
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Bought this 940 turbo wagon with 203K. I have had to replace a few switches and a few gaskets, but I have to say - I like this car a lot. It handles well, is easy to work on, you can find parts very easy at a reasonable price, it is fun to drive, and the visibility all the way around is great. I drove it for a few months before deciding to invest in the minor repairs. The original owner had the service down regularly by Volvo and had the book stamped by a certified dealer, so I know it had all the critical services done when required. I like these old Volvo's - great reliable transportation.

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Great Car

Freeda, 04/25/2002
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This car is solid, safe, reliable, and versatile.

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Love this car

malka, 01/16/2010
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I've never owned a volvo before, always toyotas, but now that i have one, never going back. first of all, driver comfort. i can't wait to get out of my corolla, but the volvo 940 is extremely comfortable. Turning radius is amazing for a large car and i like the way the volvo is slower...makes me a more patient driver believe it or not. Fuel economy is a bummer, and i wish they made these cars in diesel. but i only drive occasionally and when i drive, i always take the volvo.

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Still Going strong

proud Volvo owner, 07/02/2002
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My 940 standard wagon has 178,000 mile on it now and it runs better than when I first drove it home. This has been my third Volvo (240,740 Turbo) with a 5 year period in between. I don't know why I every switched. I will never buy another vehicle. My luck ahs been to good.

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opus11, 08/12/2002
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It is a reliable and comfortable car. The only thing I would complain is not having enough horse power.

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