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Understated Elegance with a load of Zip

macdawg, 05/23/2012
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I've owned a lot of cars, but none have captured my heart like my Red GTI, with the six-speed manual. Have had it for 5 months, and put on 9,000 miles, with not a single issue, other than too much fun. I have to keep myself from making up reasons to run errands. Versatile, balanced, beautiful, compact but solid, easy to park, it flies like a mother, and is equally composed when cruising in a 25 mph zone. More fun to drive than my old AUDI A4, comparable to the 3-series we had. I'm not sure I'll ever want to own another car than a GTI.

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Great fun with utility and economy to boot

scottie3000, 07/17/2012
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I have owned this car since new and took delivery in Feb 09. I have had the computer re-flashed to make more power, and I think this is how the car should have come from the factory. It is a claimed 300 lb/ft and 250 hp. The torque is what is great about this car. Just push the pedal and it goes! No drama, just thrust. I average about 29 MPG overall through mixed driving. Issues: My brake pads in the front did not engage the rotor fully, replaced bythe dealer and now they're great. Random rattles in the dash and rear seat area. The transmission occasionally jerks when pulling away from a stop. No reliability issues and these have been very minor for an overall good car

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Great Car, Very Problematic

VW EHHH :(, 07/03/2010
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I purchased this car and it seems I got unlucky with the buy vs other GTI owners who have never had any issues with the car. It has been one year, and already I have had about 3 major repairs done to the car. The car is great to drive, very fun, but I guess in my case very problematic and have been to the dealer with repairs in the last year over 7 times. From electrical issues, to an intake manifold being cracked from bad mold casting, to air conditioning falling apart and need replacement. However, I do recommend you purchase an extended warranty and VW has completed all repairs, but as far as satisfaction with the car. I am VERY VERY displeased and dissatisfied.

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VW reliability ad makes me wan to scream

cla, 08/25/2010
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34,000 miles on my 2009 GTI and 2 intake manifold replacements - done under warranty - Time for car shopping!

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Great Engine, Tranny and Suspension But.

Jack, 01/24/2009
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Engine is first rate with very little turbo lag and it has great torque throughout the RPM range. Handling is very good for FWD car and DSG transmission is awesome. Lightning quick shifts. Interior has nice materials and good ergonomics. Seats are great as is the steering wheel. VW got the big stuff right with the GTI. Unfortunately, the little details are what they missed. With only 1,000 miles on the clock my seat squeaks, my dash squeaks over every bump, my rear hatch rattles over bumps and there is an engine rattle between 2500 and 3000 RPM which is an issue with other MKV GTI's too. Unacceptable in a new car. I heard VW has terrible quality control and now I believe it.

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German Engineering

Andy, 08/23/2008
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Just bought my GRAY 09 GTI this morning. Didn't go for the DSG, which costs 1200 more. Like the manual gear, just like in Germany. Very responsive and fast. the suspension is hard so you might feel a little bit bumpy. Like the SUNROOF and 18" all season tire. 24K is fair enough for such a car.

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Small Car Big Performance

Dave, 12/28/2008
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OK I have owned my 09 GTI for one week and find it not only a sharp and comfortable but great performer or run it smartly to get great gas mileage. Mine has the six speed auto and I find the shift petals on the steering wheel not only a great location but fast response from the gear box. My GTI came loaded with leather seats Satellite radio and many more features which makes for a very comfortable ride

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Nice so far!

vegasjon, 08/01/2008
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Just bought right off the truck yesterday! Fast, responsive, limited torque steer, and corners well on the 18" summer tires. AC is a bit weak in the Las Vegas heat (117 degrees!) but that's not normal summer heat for most. My other car is a BMW 330i and the VW is as much fun to drive...I do miss some standard luxuries such as built-in Bluetooth, but for 24K I'm not gonna be picky. This car is well built, solid, and performs as a German engineered vehicle should. Turbo lag is nonexistent for the most part, and the 6-speed tranny is descent, a little long on the throw distance. (I bought the standard not the DSG). Good by overall, I would recommend it to the budget sports buyer.

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City Beater

Steve, 09/25/2008
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I needed a city car, for down town Toronto driving -so we bought the DSG - finding myself using the paddles more often, to get the responsiveness I want . Love the car - beats driving the Mini Van ;)

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Great MPG and Fun to Drive!

Campbell, 10/16/2008
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We needed to upsize from my 2 seater to something our growing family. The VW can hold 5 for lunch or 2 adults and 2 kids comfortably. My commute is 35 miles each way, this thing is great for moving through traffic on the freeway. It has a quiet interior and solid feel. The ride is superb. While some of the competition is stiffer and rolls less, that is a very low percentage of the real world driving needs. It is fun to drive in a nicely composed package.

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