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Still Running

Still Running, 02/03/2009
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Reliable. The 22RE 2.4 liter engine and transmission are rock solid. A simple vehicle with no frills that provides reliable transportation. Change the oil and the other fluids. Only minor repairs over time. Easy to work on. A great value. The 22RE engine is an engineering marvel.

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1992 Toyota Truck 20 plus years and running Strong

tricksten, 07/17/2012
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I bought the truck new in 4-1992 It came equipped with a heater and a key. Another words base model paid $6,999.00 My base model was built in Japan. I have 218,000 miles and will keep forever. The truck has been stolen, Taken a bullet didnt live a good neighbor hood. Broken into several times. ha ha I have let everyone and anyone drive and use and abuse the truck. Has original belts Changed front brake pads once. Did put a new clutch only after the truck was recovered after it was stolen. They hauling something heavy other wise I would be on the same clutch and a new battery 12 years ago

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experts in reliability

thief, 06/29/2002
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When I bought this truck in March of 2001 it had approx. 85k miles on it. Now it has 119k miles. I have used the truck for all kinds of driving (from 3000 mile long road trips to pizza delivery) and, so far, I haven't had any major work done to it. Although the truck isn't the most comfortable or fun to drive vehicle it does come through where it counts; reliability.

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My first and last Toyota

Redfox, 05/14/2002
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My brother bought this truck used @ about 60,000 miles and by the time it had 69,000 miles on it had the engine replaced(block cracked @ 79000) rear- end replaced and a hub replaced. I had to have a new head put on the Toyota factory engine that was used to replace the original engine(servicing Toyota dealer my brother used was poor on quality work), another new hub(again, same one my brother replaced but I use a reputable and much more expensive dealer), sensor, fuel cell(?), brake line redone, and everytime I take it in it is there for at least 3 days waiting on parts. I live for the day this thing is gone.

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Cross Country 3 Times

Celeste, 08/16/2008
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This truck has been a real trooper for me. It's the first manual transmission I learned to drive, and since then I've taught many people in it. It's got 185,000 miles right now, and the only repairs I've had on it was a knock sensor and a head gasket. It's been driven from California to North Carolina 3 times, including a side trip into Canada. I've loaded it down with lumber, driven it in snow, extreme heat, high altitudes, and it's just kept going. I get many offers to buy this truck, and it's in big demand by hunters, but I might just drive it forever.

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