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Hybrid system breakdown!

keepwarmnow, 11/19/2010
4dr SUV AWD (3.3L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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Great experience until 100,000 miles. All check ups done at dealership.100,000 miles warranty expires soon after car won't start.I bought a Toyota because they are meant to last.Took car to dealership and they announced it would be 8700 dollars to fix. The hybrid system does not work! CODES POAA6&526-614 and Warrantied only to 100,000 miles. I am at 119,000. I was told the labor on the part is minimal it is the part that is so expensive. I was shocked and then looked on the internet to find that others have found themselves in the same position.When I went to pick up the car at Toyota they charged me $250.00 for the diagnostic test and tried to sell me another Toyota. HA!!

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Can't believe the costs of parts!

NolongerFan, 05/05/2010
4dr SUV AWD (3.3L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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I have been a Toyota fan for 20 years until now. My 4 year old Highlander Hybrid just stopped cold on me. Now they are telling me it's the inverter and transaxle? Parts alone are $13,000, does not include labor. A car only 4 years old and the cost to fix it is as much as buying another car. Can't believe Toyota would price the parts to this car at an outrageous price. Off to buy another car and NOT A TOYOTA!!

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This Hybrid is a Technological Marvel!

Ted Farabee, 12/02/2017
Limited 4dr SUV AWD (3.3L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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This car is powerful, comfortable, and reliable after 6 months of ownership. However, it does not surprise me with it's gas mileage. I mean it a big luxurious box and not wedge shaped like the Prius. It gets 25 mpg at 80 and averages 23.5 mpg with in town driving. Since the temperature dropped it is getting 17.5 mpg. I bought the car used from a local dealership and had it checked by the Toyota dealership twice. Once before I bought it and then after. The Highlander had some maintenance items that were due for attention, spark plugs, coolant etc. Through all that a cracked radiator was missed. I saw no pink coolant on the ground, but did notice the overfill tank was not staying at level. They did not notice it after two inspections and flushing the radiator. It's important to do a Carfax. The inverter was replaced under recall. The steering part was replaced under recall. The timing belt was replaced at 88,000 miles. These are important things to check on this particular year and model of the Toyota Highlander. Yes, I always do my research. I feel that I got a fair price of 11,000 for this overbuilt tank. The Hybrid system is fascinating. I believe this SUV could be good for anyone that does their research and follows the maintenance schedule. Carfax is extremely important. Car Fax sold this vehicle to me - not the dealer. Make sure the recalls are done or run away, don't walk. I probably would have found the parts second hand. However, the beast is fun to drive on the interstate. It feels big, but is maneuverable in town. The power for a midsized SUV is insane. I am hoping to get 100,000 more miles out of it. I think it's going to make it.

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Inverter Problems

drew1961, 06/22/2011
Limited 4dr SUV (3.3L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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This car has very expensive inverter problems. Cost to repair Hybrid inverter system as of June 21, 2011 $9325.00 + Tax Toyota does not fix this and have a class action suit against them at this time. If you are going green this green will be coming out of your billfold. The 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Vehicle (Highlander HV) was Toyota’s first generation of gasoline-electric hybrid versions of the Highlander sold in the U.S. A central component of the Highlander HV is the electrical inverter assembly, which changes the DC current from the vehicles battery into AC current that powers the vehicle’s motor. The defective inverter assemblies cause the vehicles to suddenly lose engine power while the vehicles is being driven.

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I could ask for a whole lot more!

Sad, 11/11/2006
4dr SUV (3.3L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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Fuel economy is 22-25% below sticker numbers. Has uncontrollable torque steer while under full throttle @15 mph. The cars pulls to the right then back to the left, dealer says "that's nature of the car". The motor thuds when it comes on and is anything but seamless. Lift gate squeaks, driver's side passenger door rattles. Vehicle has 3,000 miles on it. While driving with the windows down, the brakes will squeal and the motor whines noticeably also the wind buffeting is horrible. Suspension absorbs pot holes well. Vehicle is hard to control in turns and uncontrollable if accelerating hard in a turn. Captains chair arm rests and stereo are cheap. AC vents poor for 2nd row passengers.

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