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A street legal go-kart

BD, 01/12/2020
Limited 2dr Coupe (2.0L 4cyl 6A)
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Is it everything any review about it ever said? Yes but wait, THERE'S MORE! Is it slow? Relatively. You'll get ~150 whp aka real world horsepower. From the 200-205hp FA20 engine, you can only put ~150-170 horsies on the ground. This doesn't mean the BRZ is a slug. The lightweight chassis makes up for the lack of power. You'll enjoy daily driving this car. (Please, don't try to race anyone. You will lose). Will I have a bad back after owning it? Yes and your knee as well. The ride is firmer than your usual daily but you didn't buy this car for sensibility. Oh and it is very low, so if you're taller than 5'2" then you'll probably develop knee problems. Getting out of tight spaces is also rough. With the mention of height, if you are taller than 5'2", consider the back seat useless. Will I regrow hair and be young again? No, but at least the car will distract everyone from your bald spot. Should you start vaping? No. Don't. It's bad for your health. Does it make vroom vroom noises? I mean...yeah. The stock head unit is so awful you're better off listening to the FA20 on your drives. There is a range of aftermarket exhaust component from a full kit to axle backs. You have find the best one out there to maximize or minimize that noise. So...that head unit? Seriously, what the hell Subaru! The head unit (the thing that controls your navigation, StarLink, audio, etc) is probably the worst unit in history. It is laggy, glitches and is most likely possessed. You can't even upgrade the thing because it takes more effort than just a simple download of drivers. It is fixable by buying a 2015 or earlier front fascia and a 200 mm head unit. The fascia is because the 2016 head unit is trapezoidal. When you install your new SQUARE head unit, you'll have gaps. Ok but does it vroom vroom at 4000 rpm? No. Torque dip BUT you're gonna want to hear the engine so go ahead and rev it. Overall: You are not buying this vehicle for practicality. You are buying this vehicle because you want a driver's car that is not the Mazda Miata. It is a perfect mix of a daily and a weekend car. You can be stuck in traffic with a smile. You will turn heads. You can definitely drive it around some back roads over the weekend. Fair warning, DO NOT think it is a slow car. You can easily hit 90-100 mph in this car if you're not paying attention and you'll probably stick out, which means tickets. It is slow for track days but for daily driving, trust me, you're going to get tickets.

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