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2000 SE (Automatic Transmission option)

teravain, 08/18/2011
SE 4dr Sedan
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Over all the 2000 Grand Am has been an excellent car. Mine has over 200k miles on it with 185k of them put on by me. The car lasted up until about 189k then one of the cylinders dropped to 60% pressure and I can't use the AC when I am stopped at a stop sign or the engine will stall. Paint started peeling at the bottom of the front doors after 8 years of driving on a dirt road at 45 miles per hour for 2 miles per day. The front dash has started to lift a little from the sun light hitting it the last 11 years, and driver side window button is finally starting to act up. At 13k this car has lived up to all my expectations.

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Amazing car for being almost 12

richie_east, 12/15/2011
GT 2dr Coupe
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I purchased my car two years ago with 99,000 miles and it now has 142,000. I have had very minimal repairs. Great car, paint still looks great with the exception of minor paint chips in the hood and bumper. I love the fact this car gives me all the power and response i need. Ive driven friends new Mercedes c230 thats feels gutless and slow to respond compared to my Grand am. I plan on driving the wheels off this car. After being 11 years old, i still catch myself looking at it and admiring the beauty of it. I see lots of grand am gt's on the road and not to sound superficial, but mine is one of the best looking ones on the road. Overall i love this car and get compliments on it all the time!

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Pretty decent car

Jamie, 12/26/2009
GT 4dr Sedan
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I received this car in mid-2006 and have had it ever since. It just hit 200,000 miles and has still kept going (knock on wood!) I am pleased with the way it has held up. I drive an average of 25,000 miles each year so I am pretty hard on cars.

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Not bad at all after all these years

sholomar, 04/30/2011
GT 2dr Coupe
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All in all I haven't had to spend much at all on maintenance over the years.. the biggest expense was the intake manifold but that didn't need to be done, just a slow external leak that doesn't harm anything.. dealer sensationalism and gouging.. lesson learned. The blinker contacts are dirty making it blink a lot, the power window just went, the fan doesn't work above 3, the radios display is dead, the power lock on the passenger side is dead.. little electronic things are starting to happen over time that I could fix myself pretty cheap and just might.. but overall I can't complain for having a car last 10 years. Starts first time, every time.. even at 30 below zero. Well built powertrain

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Great looks! Great quality! Great car!

ChrisJ, 09/03/2003
GT1 4dr Sedan
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Once I drove this car, I loved it. It was in mint condition. Under the car, the engine, and around the doors all rust free! And no the car was not painted. The interior was the same with no cheep plastics that break. It has the 3.4L V6 which has great proformance. It has excellent acceleration. The comfort is excellent:lots of leg room in the front and back. The sporty design, and my favourite (red dash lights) make this car look awesome. As for build quality and reliability , I've had no problems. It has great handling and a smooth ride. Its solid and doesnt have road noises. This is a great car and I would recommend it.

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