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Up In The Air

mlzebe, 06/08/2008
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I bought my Alero last year with 72,000 miles on it. I was loving it I thought it was a all around good car. Well it was until I started having this problem with the security system. Sometimes when I turn the car off, and go to start it again nothing happens except for the dash light coming on. I priced to fix and was told about $300 to 400 to fix. Besides that and the air drafts it's a nice car.

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Nice cheap car

Justin, 09/03/2007
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This car's nice. 3.4L v6 it has plenty of power. Good gas mileage 22 city 30 highway. I wish it had ABS or ETS but oh well. Good trunk space. Smooth drive. Poor quality though considering almost every 60degree v6 has a failing lower intake manifold gasket. I replaced mine once I got it around 77000 miles.

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Great Great buy!!!

Ms C, 11/15/2016
GL2 2dr Coupe (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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My car has 283000 miles and still going!! The horn doesnt work!! Only had to get general maintenance! ! Got to get another car because of the rust underneath!! Purchase the car in 2006 with 75000 miles

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Straight Up Lemon

reddstunta, 10/31/2003
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This car is junk and was made too fast. The only good thing is that I have not had any motor problems. The inside is garbage, my top light just fell down, my driver side window borke twice, sometimes it does not crank, the rubber around the windshield is continuing coming up. The worse of all the dash board is coming up and look all wrinkle. This car is a lemon and practically worthless. It had a nice body style and outer appeal but it toatal garbage. I will never buy another. I hate this car, there is a new problem with it constantly.

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So So, Nothing Special

Dustin, 10/04/2006
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First off the brake design of this car is horrible. I've already had to put in new brake pads and have the rotors turned twice. The car has less than 50,000 miles on it. The gas mileage varies from 22 to 30 depending on oil changes, driving conditions...etc. Its seats aren't really that comfy and the interior looks cheap. You definitely pay for what you get. I won't ever by another GM, next time it's a Honda or Toyota.

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A Lemon!

Meeme, 01/19/2009
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I have had this car for ove a year now and I have put so much money into it that if I saved it all I could have paid this car off.. The pass lock locked my car first. 3 mechanics couldn't figure out what was wrong. All together $1000 fixed the problem. My Ford that I paid $1000 didn't give me as many problems as this! Brakes, bearings, spring coil, A/C, drum and the pass lock. All together well over $5000 put into it already! It makes me sick to my stomach. I will never again get an Oldsmobile! No wonder they shut down their production. The sound system is great but I would rather have a reliable car instead.

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Down with the quickness

ken, 10/01/2008
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I bought my alero in march of 05, it had 73,000 miles now in Oct of 08 117456 no problems replaced front brakes a year ago tops, and one tune- up. V6, power everything 0-60 5.4sec pretty impressive. rides a little rough I thought mine did great in the snow. Unplowed country roads after 8 inches of snow never got it stuck. it is a glorified grand am i would definitely own another one

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Basic GM Econo-box

Jeff, 11/24/2008
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I purchased this car in 2005 with about 20,000 miles on it. It was an ex-rental from California. I now have have about 63,250 miles on it and it has/had some problems. The passlock had to be replaced ($460), the suspension starts squeaking annually and I have to take it to the dealer to get it lubricated, and the CD player only takes CDs when it wants to. The 3.4L V6 is nothing to write home about either at 170HP. Based from what I've read, I've been lucky with this car. My dashboard hasn't started peeling and I haven't had to replace any pumps or bearings. Although functional, the interior seems cheesy. Also, this car can't handle in the snow. The rear end gives out even with good tires.

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Not a big fan, overall

NeglectedMind, 09/08/2010
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I have had so many problems with this vehicle, that it was really not worth the money I paid. I have replaced the brakes more often than I should have to, and have had numerous problems with the security system, that no one seems to be able to fix. I will take it into the shop, and they will temporarily fix the problem, and it will stop again. I have changed the spark plus, the ignition system, brakes, bearings, command start, and the clutch. It drives nicely when it is working, but not worth the money that I have had to put into it. All in all, I plan on buying a new car and ditching this lemon of an Olds. Do not buy!

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Another Alero

Alero Boy, 08/18/2003
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I traded in my 00 Alero GLS sedan for this 03 GLS coupe in February because of the $5000 in rebates I qualified for. The new one seems less quality. My tailights are not sealed properly, so when rains, the water gets in & there has actually been sparks in there so the inside of the tail lights are burnt. The Tire Pressure monitor was eliminated for 03 and the hood in the 00 has struts, but they changed to prop rod in 2001. Nonetheless, it's still the perfect car for me. I would like to get one of the Final 500 next year, but if not, I'll just hold on to this one.

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