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Nissan Sentra

Sergio , 05/25/2010
GXE 4dr Sedan
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I have own this car since 2004. I bought from a dealership at 44,000 miles. I only had to do Oil Changes until 80,300 miles when the catalytic converter went bad. but, lucky enough was cover under warranty. (but, the dealership made me pay for half $400). Aside from regular up keep i haven't had to do much till recently. Now, I am at 127,000 and the radiator was cracked after that was fixed I started having issues with the Idling of the vehicle. which I am trying to get resolved now. Nissan is aware of this issue. when the vehicle is on Park it will go to 2-3,000 RPM. Oh yeah. I also had issues with the pedal sticking. but, I got it resolved. (read below how)

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Piece of foreign junk!!!

Awful luck with cars, 04/27/2010
GXE 4dr Sedan
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I bought this 5-spd car in Nov. 2008 only because my 93 Buick Centry(oh how I miss you!!!) finally died. So the car was great for the first 5 months, then the battery and alternator died, but i expected this since the car was 8 years old with 101,000 miles on it, so no big deal. a couple of months after that, Mass Airflow Sensor died, then EVAP Sensor, then a coil in 1 of my cylinders, then my struts, springs and strut mounts broke on the driver side....oh yea, and my check engine light is still on!! I've spent about 3k just trying to fix the car so it passed inspection, but after the struts blew, Im done!!! To make things worse...I still owe $2500 on the loan when I bought the car! My luck!

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Problems down the road....

tracey , 10/11/2008
GXE 4dr Sedan
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I bought the car used with 50k and had to replace 3 sensors right away totaling near $1,000. The main sensor needed to be replaced 3 times in a year (covered on warranty). Things were great for the next year nothing more than routie oil changes. at 100,000k things started to go wrong. Tranny blew at 101k. I don't drive rough and only locally drive pretty much. I was shocked. Speakers blew around 70k. I had bent my front rims after too many pot holes, they were impossible to find at a reasonable price considering the size was changed half way through the year (recall). Over all not bad, but really angry about the transmission.

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2000 Nissan Sentra SE

Iamme, 03/13/2002
SE 4dr Sedan
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If you are looking for a 4dr with better than average performance, decent fuel economy, and "blend in the background" styling. This is an excellent car for the money. I put over 20k miles on mine and love it. I was looking at an A4 or Jetta but at the time they were only putting out 150hp for 1000's more. I love my Sentra SE. I cant speak for the other model levels. Enjoy!!!

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19 years, 285K miles, 3 wrecks - still runs great

Grafick1, 07/29/2019
GXE 4dr Sedan
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I purchased this car new. In 2001 I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler that was traveling 70 MPH. Because the car was in neutral, my infant daughter and I walked away without a scratch. Two other accidents over the years and 4 people to drive stick in this car. Car still runs great! Only downside is the car rusts easily so mind the paint job and wash undercarriage regularly.

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