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Nissan Engines design to require timing chain replaced after 100k miles

ctylr12, 04/14/2012
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I have been a Nissan fan and loyal customer for 20 years. The 2007 Nissan Quest was a huge disappointment when it came to reliability. When I had the major service done at 105k miles, three Nissan dealers informed me that I needed a new timing chain kit and would cost $3,200. The purpose of a timing chain is to be maintenance free unlike timing belts. Nissan told me that this is a normal wear and tear item and is normal to replace every 100k + miles. My 2000 Infinity has 235k miles and never had a problem. Several independent mechanics have told me that all Nissan and Infinity vehicles after 2006 have poor engine design. It's a metal chain riding on plastic guiders. Purposely set up to fail

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So not what i expected or hoped for...

Christy, 10/23/2015
3.5 S 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A)
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This van was the first new vehicle my husband and I ever purchased. We drove it off the lot with 98 miles on it. I had high hopes of driving it until the wheels fell off, we are at that point. I would imagine if we added up all the repair costs over the last nine years we would be close to $6000 in repairs. I am the only driver, I change the oil, transmission fluid, etc. on a regular basis. In order for you to fully grasp the amount of repairs on the van I am going to try and start from the beginning. 1. 9000 miles on the van and in the middle of rush hour morning traffic, my engine died! Nothing! No steering, nothing! I managed to get to the side of the road and of course tried to restart the van. NOTHING! It didn't take long to realize that gas was pouring out of the van each time I tried to start it. After a nice visit from the Hazmat team, several police officers, fire trucks and several attractive fireman it was discovered my fuel pump had gone out. This was a warranty repair, but should have caused me to sell right then. It set a precedent of what was to come. 2. Van is on it's 4th set of tires and 6th set of brakes and rotors. and 4 batteries! (I'm not a lead foot) 3. My clock spring went out causing my entire dash to not work. Dealership repair $1000 4. Exhaust leak that couldn't be located for 1 week. $200 5. TPMS light that constantly has to be reset. 6. Earlier mentioned dealership broke my air bag sensor in the steering wheel. $1500 (refused to admit fault) 7. Tie rods are broken on front end. $500 8. Rack and Pinion replacement $800 9. Transmission on it's last leg $2500 10. Interior lights blow fuses randomly. No given reason, no one can figure out why, just suddenly nothing. I own stock in the fuse company. 11. Let's not forget the recall on the gas gauge. I have run out of gas twice and stranded on a busy highway because my van says i have 1/2 tank. (It lied)!!! Trading in the van----PRICELESS The van has right at 141,000 miles on it at this point. I expected much more than I got with this purchase. It has become a money pit and sadly not a good one. At this point if the van had a higher resale value, I would repair the transmission. Considering my van isn't worth much more than that, it's going to be traded this weekend! Long story short, buy a Toyota!

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The repairs just keep adding up

rupkinmae, 07/26/2012
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I'm so disappointed in this van. Every time I think it's going to be okay, another expensive repair is required. We're throwing good money after bad on this vehicle now and we haven't even reached 90,000 miles. I have read more reviews than I can count regarding the timing chain issue. I think it's time to get a class action suit going against Nissan. I'm utterly disgusted that my vehicle has spent more time broken down over the last year than it has spent running properly. Nissan knows there's a problem and they're making good money fixing their own mistakes. The timing chain repairs need to be a recall immediately or Nissan needs to pay for their sub-par components in court.

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Better and Better

Marty, 08/31/2006
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Just traded in our 04 Quest SL for an 07 Quest SL. Our 04 had 34,000 miles on it and never once had to be returned to the dealership, other than for routine maint. We've only had the 07 for a week so there isn't a lot about reliabilty to report yet, We are most impressed with the power/smoothness of the 3.5L engine and 5 speed auto transmission. This 07 seems even more refined than the 04 in fit/finish. We were glad to see the addition of left side sliding door and traditional location for speedometer over steering wheel.

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Nice at the begining, then deception!

James, 11/17/2010
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Nice vehicle when I bought it: Nice design, comfort, fun to drive, and thinking about the Japanese quality I was expecting a really nice quality vehicle. But one month after the purchase the battery died, was replaced under the warranty but still a hassle. Then at 15,000 miles the reas sonar alarm sound died and I have to replace the speaker by myself. otherwise you ended paying around $300 to the dealer. Then at 28,000 miles the rear door mechanism broke, a poor soldering nut to the frame of the door. Then at 30,787 miles (just few days ago) the speedometer is showing a higher speed, the gauge does not come back to zero, so you ended with 10 miles more your current speed, want more.

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