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The ideal cargo van

chris_columbia, 12/18/2020
2500 SV 3dr Van w/High Roof (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I looked at the Promaster, Transit, and Sprinter both new and used before deciding on a used 2013 NV2500 high roof v6 SV with 73K, now 109K. My most important criteria, is reliability. I could buy a used NV and still have a more reliable van the than buying any of the other 3 new. Go look at the "real" consumer reviews of the other 3, not the professional car journalist who tests them for a day, but the real people who live with them for years. The Promaster and Transit have a lot of significant issues. The Sprinter costs more and you get less. Anytime I see a fellow cargo van owner in a parking lot, I ask them what they think of whatever they are driving. You learn a lot. In my ownership, I replaced a belt idler pulley because it sounded noisy($10). Accessory belt($24). The differential housing has developed a slight leak requiring a few ounces of oil every 10k miles($9). Air filter($20). Oil change every 6K($30each). That's it! And most of those are maintenance items. Everytime I start it it works exactly the same: perfect. It has great heat in winter, great a/c in summer. I can stand up in the rear. In fact, it's so convenient for just about everything that I use it as my work vehicle and my everyday car. I've towed as much as 6K pounds and I can barely tell I'm towing. My usual cargo is about 1500 pounds. The 20mpg highway is the same with or without that cargo. Cruise control and audio controls on the steering wheel were a nice upgrade on the SV version. Power seat controls never get used as I never move the seat, but it sure is comfortable for long trips. My range is a little more than 400 miles, so that's 6 hours of sitting. I've never had a vehicle I could drive for 6 hours without pain. I made the following improvements to suit my tastes: bought a factory leather steering wheel and installed, removed center consul and passenger seat and installed a "double" seat from the rear of a Transit(now I have 3 across seating in the front), made the overhead front shelf extend further back about 2ft(adds a ton of storage and that space above the front seats is completely wasted otherwise). I get 20mpg on the highway, 15 if I'm doing a lot of short city trips. Huge engine bay and hood make checking fluids, changing oil, belt, etc very easy. Downside is that it make the van very long and weird looking, but I'll take that trade off. The oil filter isn't in a great location as it's right above a crossmember, so there's more cleanup when changing it. I would buy again if I need another one. Unfortunately it looks like 2021 will be the last year for the NV1500/2500/3500. Update: Jun21,2021 120K miles. No issues or changes since last review. I still have a slow leak in differential that I haven't resolved. It took 8oz at last 10K mile top off. Average highway mpg seems a little lower at 19mpg, though I think post-covid traffic congestion may be to blame.

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