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Terrible family of vans

Tom, 02/18/2021
3500 S 3dr Van (5.6L 8cyl 7A)
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Avoid this unless you intend to use it for your own personal small business and it somehow costs less than other vans. The seats fall apart. The noise is horribly loud. The sliding door is clunky and will fail at some point. The van will rust far sooner than most other vehicles. It’s nearly impossible to see the front of the vehicle and thus is a danger to operate. Avoid this poorly made van.

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Like this van (2500SV V8 high top)

Rick, 04/23/2021
2500 SV 3dr Van w/High Roof (5.6L 8cyl 7A)
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I disagree with the low reviews. Strong engine, great convienience with high roof, and truck engine bay is HUGE advantage for servicing. I do agree that the sliding door is very finicky. Also I had to get faulty rear door latch and wheel speed sensor fixed under warranty immediately after buying new which was disappointing. But fixed quickly and no problems since

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Worst in class van!!

Juan, 10/06/2020
2500 SV 3dr Van (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I want to make clear I DO NOT OWN THIS VAN, but I have driven it enough for work to justify this review. As someone who has driven almost all the competitors in the industry that I have worked for years, I can say this is the worst vans in the class. These vans are supposed to make work easy, so as someone who does package deliveries and uses vans that are rented this van has a lot of flaws other competitors don't. First the driving position is awful for a van, they didn't even make if feel like a pickup, but more like a 370z, way too low. Also no adjustable seat height, nor reach for the steering wheel unlike the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter. Next is the massive lump in between the front seats or in some trims the massive center console which I don't recommend for couriers. This makes moving from the cabin to the cargo area a hazard. The fuel lid is also exposed to anyone wanting to steal your fuel, unlike the Mercedes or Ford which have the lid locked by you having to open the driver's door to gain access. There is a good feature but it is let down by another hazard as the doors can be swung open all the way 270 degrees. The hazard is there is a metal hinge that sticks out and can cause some serious harm, I can't believe Nissan didn't see this. The Nissan is by far the ugliest in the class and why did they go with the long hood, they could have made it shorter and used a foot saved in the front towards the back for more cargo which it lacks compared to the bigger Ford or Mercedes configurations. Nissan should have done what the competitors did and saved millions, just brought over the Nissan NV (Renault Master rebadged) that sells in Europe and just had it homologated for the U.S.

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