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2004 Mazda 6 GT (V6 3.0L)

Max, 04/24/2010
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Bought this car just about 2 weeks ago. As far as I can tell this is an amazing car. Not a single bad word to say! Although it's '04 it has only 72K km on it. Looks just like new, not a single scratch. Since it's V6 3.0L, you don't even have to press the gas, it's ready to take off by itself. I would defenitely recommend it to anyone!

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diy Mazda 6s 5spd owner

maz6s, 12/06/2013
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Since 07, my 04 6s(v6) has been strong. I bought it at ~60,000 miles. All maintenance done early except the spark plugs. Don't drive too long with a misfire/vacuum leak/hesitation. Lucky I had knowledge of precat failure prevention so I didn't find out the hard way like others...keep an eye on fluid level and color esp oil. Since about 90-100,000 miles I noticed the oil level drops a lil every 1500 miles which is normal on most vehicles. Don't trust oil change places, they only pour 5qts in, but this engine takes 6...oh and Honda seekers don't buy Automatic Accords, my wife's tranny died@100,000 miles...fluid drained and filled every 10,000 miles since 40,000 miles. 2004 Accord EX V6. Thx

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2004 Mazda 6s

Mazda 6s, 01/16/2006
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I would have to say that my automotive preference is "luxurious sporty". I like cars that look good, handle well, and have enough power to do pretty much anything I want. The Mazda 6s is an absolutely fantastic choice if you are looking for the sportier version of an Altima, Accord or US class equivalent. The 6s handles like it's on rails, accelerates extremely well, and stops on a dime. The interior is laid out very well. I first thought it was a little "too much" but once I got used to it the interior is laid out perfectly. The best part of this car is the price. For a car that costs $7k less than an Altima you get a lot more car. Oh one more thing, the traction control really works.

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I've loved it for the last 4 years.

sranco, 02/08/2013
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Bought this car used in the summer of 09 with 129k on it. It now has 157k on it and I still love it. It has great handling and decent power for a 4 cylinder. These cars have a very good suspension IMO. It can handle tight turns at good speeds without offering too stiff of a ride. Mine has 17 inch tires, which probably makes a bit of a difference over the stock 16's. The interior is also well appointed and really comes alive at night with the interior lighting. If you like to play golf this car will also suit you well, there is easily enough room for 3 golf bags. The back seat can be a little tight though.

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major diappointment. original owner high miles

long term mazda owner, 12/28/2016
s 4dr Sports Sedan (3.0L 6cyl 5M)
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Suspension and steering held up well but that was about it. From the ceiling falling down, seats breaking, and dome lights and stereo displays not working properly to brake, cooling system, ignition and ac issues up to having to replace the engine at 50k (then second Mazda warranty engine started leaking oil at about 50k miles later). Not to mention engine light codes that mechanics have trouble figuring out, and that seem to come and go when they please. I have had lots of issues with this car and some terrible dealer service. More problems with this one car than my previous 5 cars I have owned over the last 30 or so years combined. It surprises me, but some people don't have a lot of problems and some do. If I didn't know a fair amount about cars and proper maintenance, and drove it more aggressively, I think it would have died a long time ago.

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