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cup holder still too small !!

dgeert, 08/31/2012
4dr Sedan
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218k now and going strong now im doing the timing belt and water pump by choice because of a small water leak.. all the problems ive had w this car are very typical to any high mileage car such as alternator p steering pump,semi clogged radiator timing belt cost about 900.00 from small shop,so expect twice from a dealer, its a major job... even though i read this motor doesnt self destruct if it breaks. this car is /was one of the most reliable ever with all the comforts of a luxury car. still quiet at all speeds . THIS JUST IN... ive been researching smaller cars for the mpg's and this car beats most of them at 20 to 27 highway

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My dream car

curt, 12/26/2009
4dr Sedan
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I purchased a '96 LS 400 a few months ago. I have always wanted one but could not justify a new one at 50K+. I drive a diesel truck and wanted a luxury second car. This car is amazing on the highway. It floats but still handles well. It is a joy to drive and has 144K. I have had it on several 16 hour trips and it felt solid at 90+mph. Almost 15 years old and it feels new. Keep in mind that maintenance is expensive and it needs premium fuel. I plan to keep this 5 years and upgrade to an '05 LS 430 w/ 5 speed and black leather. Every time I drive it I can't believe it is 14 years old. I have driven several newer cars around 30K and this '96 is way more comfortable. Paid under $7K. Love it!!

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Bullet Proof!

shejean7, 08/20/2010
4dr Sedan
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I bought this car over a year and 1/2 ago with around 130K on it. I test drove different cars at the time, but when I drove the LS400 I was in love. I can't believe how silky smooth it glides down the road. I use Regular gas in it, due to high gas prices, and it has not missed a beat. Sometimes I'll use premium fuel, but it does fine with regular, so why pay more? As far as expenses, it's been the cheapest car to own because nothing ever goes wrong with it. I've only done a front end alignment ($60), a new batter recently ($100), and regular oil changes with tire rotations. The tires do not seem to wear down either. Purchased for less than $6,000! Now in the market for an RX330!

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1996 Lexus great Transportation

Waynesax, 04/04/2002
4dr Sedan
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After driving nothing but Mercedes for 25 years I decided to try a Lexus. I was at first dissapointed in the way the car handled and the brakes seemed soft. After I got used to it though I was impressed with how quiet and fast it was. The sound system is fabulous and no repair bills. The car is perfect to me now and I wouldn't own another Mercedes.

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lex review

skipsawaystem, 04/24/2002
4dr Sedan
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my 96 ls sedan is the nicest car we ever owned. reliability,driveability,classiness is fantastic. dealer servicing,cooperation etc. excellent any home office queries answered promptly and lexuses are hardly ever stolen because of wheel locks devices etc. a great car.

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