2012 INFINITI M - Edmunds Ratings

2012 INFINITI M M35h (3.5L V6 Hybrid 7-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 3/1/2011
Performance Utilizing a unique hybrid system with a V6 engine/50kW electric motor and quick-charge lithium-ion batteries, the M35h offers the straight-line performance of a V8-powered M56 and an estimated 32 mpg EPA highway--not simultaneously, however.
Driving Dynamics Average handling and grip for a sport sedan; clearly at the top of the pack for hybrid sedans. The M35h's unique electrohydraulic steering rarely feels odd, but it sometimes exhibits notchy behavior the moment it's turned off center.
Ride Comfort Standard 18-inch wheel/tire offers a ride that's obviously more comfortable than other M37/M56's 20-inch wheels. The M35h's generous sidewalls do a good job enveloping small surface events and the suspension soaks up the rest.
Quietness We must assume the standard, electronic noise cancellation was functioning, although the M35h's interior was no louder or quieter than other, similar luxury cars.
Ergonomics A tight gap between the front doors and seats makes adjusting seats inconvenient. The rest of the M35h's controls are logical and well placed. Optional features (navi, premium audio, etc.) add only slight complexity and are equally intuitive.
Visibility Typical sedan visibility plus standard reverse camera, optional articulating HID headlamps, blind-spot monitor/prevention, lane-departure warning/prevention, active cruise control, and forward collision warning with pre-charged brake system.
Seat Access & Space Easy to get in and out of the seats, front and rear. Front and rear headroom could be tight for a person with a long torso, as seating is rather high in both areas. Seat comfort is very good.
Cargo & Storage The M35h's battery pack resides behind the rear seat, from trunk floor to base of rear window. Compared to other M37/56 sedans, luggage space is reduced by 25% (to just 11.3 cu-ft), or slightly smaller than a compact car's trunk.
Build Quality High-quality materials (like genuine wood), thoughtful finishes and obvious build quality inside and out. Some optional equipment (Alcantara headliner) only add to the quality.

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