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Impressive All Season Sportscar

Driving Enthusiast, 07/30/2016
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 7A)
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I would call the FX35 an All Season Sportscar (I wonder why Infiniti didn't call it that...). You don't buy this car because you need room or utility. You buy this because you want a sports car that can be driven year round and in adverse conditions. First of all, the styling. While it might not be for everyone, I don't think anyone can argue it's bland. It is a striking design, and it is rare enough on the road that they really stand out. Kudos to Infiniti for rolling out a production car that actually looks like its concept sibling. Now onto performance, what this All Season Sportscar really excel at. I've had the pleasure of taking a high performance driving course with this car, and the theme of the day was "Underestimated". The brakes may look small next to the 20" wheels, but they are surprisingly powerful and resilient. After a day at the track, the factory brakes were still going strong. And did I mention how strongly the car pulls and how good it sounds doing it? It's almost as if it's bending the laws of physics to do it. Handling is superb as well - it never once felt like I was driving tall heavy SUV through the slaloms and the avoidance maneuvers. The only thing that gave it away was the ride height - you won't be fooled into thinking you are in a Miata. The suspension is stiff enough through corners that the vehicle never feels "soft", yet for everyday commute it absorbs imperfections nicely. The car is much more capable within its performance envelope than any of us that day gave it credit for. However that doesn't mean you should get reckless behind it though - once you kick past the envelope and the laws of physics kick in, you're in the next zip code over before the 4200lb+ All Season Sportscar comes to a complete stop. Utility, storage volume in particular, is probably the Achilles' heel of the FX35. The spare tire under the rear cargo area bumps up the floor considerably. Couple that with the rakish coupe roofline, you have a low and wide opening that makes it next to impossible to load crates. The rear seats do fold down nicely, and the roof is considerably higher above the rear seats if you want to play some back seat tetris with your cargo. On a plus side though, because the roof is rakish and the hinge of the rear hatch is located so far forward, you can back the vehicle into a garage, and the hatch can still open even with only about a foot of space to the wall. Try doing that with other SUVs. In terms of utility off road, it does quite well light offroading, such as snow, mud, gravel or inclement weather conditions. With a good set of winter tires, the vehicle can handle snow covered mountain forest service roads without any drama (I have AWD). The interior is also a very welcoming and cozy space. The ambient lighting in the door handles is a very elegant touch, particularly if you have the maple accents. There are actually footwell accent lights too, but they are so dim (unless you swap them to LEDs) that they are not visible other than in the darkest of nights. The seats are very comfortable and well supported - no fatigue or butt cramps after long drives what-so-ever. Surfaces you are often in contact with are covered with soft leather material that just makes the whole cabin very luxurious-feeling. The backseat can recline to a very comfortable angle. The technology in the vehicle also leaves very little to be desired. I do not have the adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning systems, so I can't speak to those. The surround view camera though is absolutely brilliant. I call it "cheat mode", because it allows you to park the car in tight spaces with such confidence and ease that you'll passengers will be screaming "Aww that's not fair!". The Bose audio system is crisp, and if you're an avid CD listener you'll be happy to know the car will happily gobble up all the tracks on your CD and store them on its harddrive, so you never have to carry a stack of CDs with you. The navigation is also well voiced. Voice recognition is fast, although it can't take in a whole chunk of address at a time (i.e. you got to say the house number, wait, street address, wait, city, wait, etc). Unlike those OCD German car designs, the screen is a touchscreen, and the recessed setup makes it easily legible even in bright conditions. Another interior feature (somewhat useless) I really like is when you first get behind the wheels and turn the vehicle on (the push start button is supposed to pulse like the beating heart by the way), the steering column with lower and move towards you while the seat slides forward to your set seating position. The sequence is reversed when you get out of the vehicle. Really makes it feel like you're getting behind a X-Wing or something. Overall, I can't be happier with this All Season Sportscar. After about two years, it still brings a smile to my face every time I get behind the wheels, and I still catch myself admiring its lines.

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Prefer the old FX

Eidan, 07/30/2010
4dr SUV (3.5L 6cyl 7A)
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This is my 3rd Infiniti, I leased a 2007 FX35, 2008 G35, and now this one a 2010 FX35. I went with tech package and NAV. Final price was about $56K with all the bells and whistles. I have to admit I am a little disappointed by this year's model. Ext design wise - you either love it or hate it. The tech stuff - stay away from it. Doesn't worth the money, doesn't work from time to time. Don't like the fact they use the same cheap console nobs on all their models. As a techie, I didn't like the user interface, its not that intuitive. It has an aggressive look, and its fun to drive, but didn't like few features on the new one. See bellow.

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Simply WOW, The more I drive it, the more I love it!

mpohio, 07/19/2012
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 7A)
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First off, Just test drive one!! You will get it!! I recently sold my Infiniti G35x in search of a bigger, semi-offroad Vehicle. Ive owned more autos than shoes and Im well versed with pretty much all that is out there. Drove the Audi, Bmw, Benz, honda and After test driving the FX35, everything else seemed to fall short, so I knew what I was destined to get. 1st experience was picking her up and driving home 7.5 hours from VA to OH. OMG, I couldn't believe how much fun it was. 2nd "major" expereince My road trip from OH to billings Montana and back. 4 days of 12hours at a time. It was a flawless, fun drive. I only stopped when my eyes tired as the seats are better than a lazyb

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Hidden Jem

Audifox, 03/24/2010
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 7A)
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Coming from Audi this has been a welcomed change. After pondering if we should purchase our 6th Audi in the last 12 years we said wait a minute. After mediocre to poor dealer experience we thought why stick with Audi just because. We test drove a Lexus,BMW, and finally the Infiniti and we were impressed by the dealer experience and of course the vehicle. Great value from Infiniti and awesome build quality which we didn't expect.

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A fantastic combination

Erik, 03/09/2010
4dr SUV AWD (3.5L 6cyl 7A)
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This car offers a unique combination for the discriminating purchaser. I have absolutely no need for a third row of seats or a rear seat entertainment system. The quality of the interior is superb as compared to the BMW X5 and Lexus G460. It offers better gas mileage and displays personality without exuding excess. I test drove the Acura, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, and others and came away with this as the clear winner for me and my mission statement. Ride, power, prestige, athleticism are a special combination.

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