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Best Looking Hybrid out there

coolhokie, 02/29/2012
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I just purchased Sonata hybrid with the leather package in Pearl White. It is absolutely greatest hybrid. I love how it looks inside and out. Anywhere I look at this vehicle makes me smile. Hyundai really did an excellent job of making this vehicle. Can't wait to drive it again.

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I love this vehicle! No regrets!

2004xlt, 07/28/2012
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The critics review of this hybrid game me doubts, but my own personal experience in the first 5K confirmed that I made an excellent choice! I drive both city and highway miles and saving a fortune on gas. I'm averaging 38 mpg. The mpg automatically resets when you refuel. Occasionally the transition from electric to gas engine is noticeable, but I wouldn't describe it as "quirky" like the critics suggest. I have never even noticed the braking issue that they describe. This car does not go unnoticed and draws a lot of attention.

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Car pulls to the left and Rough change from gas to hybrid

alejandromg85, 01/11/2013
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I bought a 2012 Sonata hybrid 3 months ago. I loved the car as soon as I saw it. When I started driving it there were no problems at all. After 1 month the car started being pulled to the left. Dealer said nothing wrong with it. Now when driving in hybrid mode the car has a vibration and shakes hard when change to gas. Dealer said nothing wrong with it. I don't really like the car with that problems. The price was 30.000 dollars and they were supposed to fix the problem. I'm gonna keep it cause is my first new car and I don't have any other option since Hyundai was the only dealer that gave me a 0.9% rate to own it. Interior and comfort is 10/10. Design is 10/10.

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Not Ready For Prime Time

richvaguy, 03/29/2012
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I have had the car a month and believe I have driven it enough to get a true feel. On the hwy it is excellent, good response great gas 39+mpg, good ride and comfort. Now for the not so good. The car is dangerous to drive, hesitates badly between 0-25mph, shudders and shakes the entire car when transitioning from Electric to Gas. Impossible to get close to advertised city MPG. I try to drive as gentle as possible to stay in EV mode, the slightest touch on the pedal and it goes to gas thus decreasing MPG. Lucky to get 30mpg in city driving. Gauges hang up and read 0 mpg in EV (electric vehicle) mode. Should read 50mpg.

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Awesome Vehicle

mhamilton06, 03/01/2012
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I bought the Sonata Hybrid 2012 and I am not disappointed. I read a lot on the intranet before purchasing and noted down the negative comments that had been made with a view to evaluating them myself. I saw comments about gear shift transitioning issues, parallel parking issues and so forth and specifically attempted to replicate each of these in turn - and didn't notice a darn thing. I recommend this vehicle. It's solid, stable and I'm getting an average of 35MPG. Try it for yourself before listening to the 'critics'.

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