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A real sports car!

9000lover, 12/08/2012
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I went to market to buy a real sports car. I test drove Porche, Audi, BMW, Lotus, Fiat and Mercedes. I was set to buy a Boxter when our Motoring writer for the newspaper I manage said to me "have you tested a S2000"? I tried one and was hooked. I guess everyone has a different take on what makes a great roadster but the S2000 ticked all the boxes compared to the others. Amazing engine and transmission was a great start nothing else compared to the driving experiance here. The handling is good but will catch inexperianced drivers out who push it to the limits compared to the Porsche which was idiot proof in this area. Overall though the combination of drive, reliability and sheer fun wins!

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Uh, Hello Mr. Eddie Pryor...

Helios, 04/03/2003
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It's nice that you like your S2000, but you might want to know just why the car is so exceptional. Honda built the S2000 as a 50th anniversary present to itself to commemorate its Formula One racing heritage. They've always been the best at squeezing maximum performance from small (i.e. light) engines -- so no, a "supercharged V6 or V8" was never part of the plan. Believe me, Honda knew what it wanted: they're the world's largest manufacturer of engines. P.S.: if you can't drive it fast, give it to me!

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Not for everyone, but it is for me!

revs29, 12/12/2011
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I have wanted an S2000 for several years and finally purchased one last spring. Owning the car is a little different than I had imagined, but not in a bad way. PROS: the car is absolutely thrilling, extremely direct/controllable with a perfect transmission and exciting 9000RPM engine. Great MPG (25-28), outstanding handling, very fun and agile. Makes every shopping trip feel like an adventure. It is a very special, hand built car and feels like it through and through. CONS: Terrible highway car - loud, obnoxious and buzzy. Very tight on the inside, feels great on a curvy road but not on the freeway. Burns 1qt oil/1.5k mi, but I drive it hard.

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Not Your Mom's Honda

SomeHondaGuy, 04/13/2006
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Get in the car and sit in the comfy seats bolstered just enough to hold you while you pull .94 G's but still comfy enough for long trips and press the start button. Bring the top down and go. Just starting it up is fun, you floor it down the street and before you know it you're at 60 mph. The lack of low end torque makes you think an then you hit 6000 rpms and you feel like youre in a F1 car, you're ready to shift when you realize you still have another 3000 rpms till the 9000 rpm redline comes up. I own an 04 M3 an a Lotus Elise and this is by far one of hte most fun cars Ive ever driven, for 31K it doesn't get much better than this.

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bullet proof and drives like one too

sd, 08/26/2008
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Had car now driven in every road condition the tcs is awesome you can spin the car in a tight circle or slide into a parking spot. You really have to learn to drive the short box tranny I rarely use 6th gear. I keep it at 4500 rpm at all times you will forget about the sorry low end power. Vtec is to be used with gas pedal completely engaged and completely engage it again when you hit 9250 to shift it has enough power then. No need for mods Honda did good on this one. I owned a 2003 mustang cobra and I like the s2000 a whole lot more.

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