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Excelent performance vehicle

Igor, 08/20/2002
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I bought this car used from a dealership. I hunted this car for 3 months and was actually on my way to Delaware(from NJ) when I saw it. The performance you get for the money paid is excelent. I drove it on highways, cities, mountains, in any conditions possible including a blizzard and it never failed me.

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1997 Type SH

Jerry, 07/30/2008
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I purchased my type SH new in 1997. I just put a new clutch in at 239,500 or so miles. The interior is like new. I need to address some very minor rust on rear wheel wells and that is all. I had to extend my clutch petal by an inch or so to make the car more comfortable. Other than that I love this car. It is so comfortable and fun to drive and gets 26 MPG at very aggressive driving speeds. If you can find one that has been taken care of buy it.

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Nothing comes close

Pluded, 04/08/2010
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I bought my SH brand new and basically drove the wheels off of it. It is by far, the best handling vehicle I have ever driven. It was more than enough power and the engine is a true gem. The drive train is refined and a step above anything in the Honda lineup even till this day. The Acura TSX/RSX comes close but I still prefer the Prelude overall. I sold it with over 300K and have regretted it ever since. I am currently looking for another one! If you have a chance to pick one up..just do it.

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Prelude Type SH with ATTS is amazing!

tilenius, 01/02/2003
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I've had my Honda Prelude Type SH for almost 6 years now and LOVE it! It's been a joy to drive every day! Honda's Active Torque Transfer System is truly amazing! This comes only on the Type SH model. This feature basically makes the OUTSIDE wheels on a turn go FASTER than the inside wheels, and can transfer up to 80% of the torque to those wheels. The result is almost NO understeer and amazing road-hugging ability. This has to be one of the best-handling cars on the market. It's been 100% reliable, no problems, except a slight rattle around the moonroof. Honda is so incredibly reliable!

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97 Prelude

Krisl20, 07/27/2003
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Great car. Little slow off the line but when that V-tech kicks in there is some power. Very reliable car just like any other honda made. Awesome gas mileage and a great looking car. A little uncomfortable for me being 6'1" Knees hit the side where the CD player is located.

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