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Battery fails, Honda won't replace

socaldude2, 05/25/2011
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Please do your research before considering this car. I was hoping to keep this car for >5 years and get excellent milage and help save the planet. What initially was a great hybrid has turned quickly into a disaster. After 1 year, the battery stopped holding a charge. after 15 months, the check engine light came on. Honda performed an irreversible software upgrade that bascially minimizes the car's use of the hybrid battery (basically making it a non-hybrid car). My MPG has dropped 10 MPG!! The hybrid battery is now basically non-functional and Honda will not fix it despite being under warranty. There are many many simiar complaints (look online). I will never buy Honda again.

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2009 Civic Hybrid Gas Mileage Hoax

steve476, 03/08/2013
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The only reason i purchased the car was for the MPG. Advertised at 40-45 by Honda Not true! I have had the car for 3 months now and the best i can avg is 33-34 MPG. I drove the car on a 800 mile round trip and avg 32.9 MPG This is nothing less than robbery of the consumer. I Hope a class action lawsuit follows as did with hyundai and Kia.

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Mike's Take

Mike's Take, 09/27/2008
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For $24.2K I wish I had waited for a Navigation system; But so far I like the sporty feel and highway handling. It zips through traffic and I drove a whole week before the 12.3 gallon tank needed filling. Getting 40+ mpg.

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Wouldn't touch this car!

gardner3, 05/22/2011
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After two weeks, the car was towed in with a failed speed sensor (feels like the transmission but I was told it wasn’t). Two weeks after that the car was towed in again with a failed speed sensor and Honda replaced that and put in a new transmission too. The day I picked it up with the new tranny, the engine light went on. I then drove back to the dealer they said, “Oh no, your IMA battery just needs a scheduled software upgrade.” Sothe engine light goes on for an upgrade, if you leave your gas cap loose, or any other major problem.

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Don't waste money, buy straight gas engine

Mac8, 04/21/2010
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Well I have had this car for one year, the only savings I can figure out is mileage, I don't drive it much because it not comfortable, visibility is poor and braking at low speeds it surges as it jumps into coast mode and gas engine shuts off. Therefore the saving is I stay home more. I leased through Honda so I am stuck with it for two more years. Driving in Florida where it's as flat as a pancake, around town, Ft Myers area I get a whooping 33 mpg. I took it to east coast and back got around 47 tops. Excuse down here is they use to much ethanol in gas. It's no better than a regular Civic , only less power, don't waste your money, no real saving.

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