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More car than I expected

adscurry, 06/03/2002
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This car is not what I expected. It is more powerful than I expected and far more fun to drive. Even with 3 adults and the air on I have more than enough power for highway driving. Dash blue lights, with some digital read outs, are beautiful and climate control works great. I am 6' 2" but find it has plently of head and leg room. I enjoy the driving experience and how slowly the gas gauge drops. I have never owned a small car but after adjusting to sitting low to the ground, I am completely confortable. Lots of safety features, a smooth ride, and loaded with options without adding any to the sticker.

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Mixed review

mixed review, 07/09/2009
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Bought new in 9/03. Front passenger strut failed at approx 4k. Clutch started making squeaking noise at 25k. At 60k had clutched inspected, not an issue that has to be fixed but would cost $600 to eliminate the squeak. Driver door lock worn out at around 60k making it embarrassing when trying to get in the car if I actually locked the door. Cheap paint chips and scratches easy. Dents really easy. Not having ABS is a little dangerous, and the car for being so lite weight lacks breaking power.

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CVT transmission - Good luck

Unhappy customer, 07/27/2009
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Transmission died on a busy highway at 34K almost killed myself trying to get off the road. Honda had it for 12 days saying it needed a new trans and then gave it back saying nothing was wrong. Had it in again at 36K 50K 61K 81K and finally at 110k brought it in for a oil change and they finally checked my mileage saw I was over 100k and admitted something was wrong with the slipping transmission. Honda Care could care less and the case manager told me they weren't willing to pay a dime for the $4600 trans the dealership said they would take 10% off for my trouble. This car should have been recalled day one. Please don't buy this car. It is a danger to drive. I have some advice sell it quickly.

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Great, Reliable Hybrid

Radar, 08/06/2009
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I bought my Civic Hybrid new, and after six years have put in almost 89,000 miles. The mileage is great: I average 42-44 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving, and on long freeway trips I often get my mileage up to 51 mpg or better. I have only had two issues with the car so far: 1. The chrome covering on the door handles started peeling off and have cut my fingers on it a couple times. 2. In the last 6 months the car has started shuddering when I take off from a stop- -a common problem in Honda sedans from this year I hear? Still, the mileage is great and it has been otherwise very reliable. I'm keeping this for one more year, and seriously considering a new one to replace it again.

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93,000 miles and counting

UncleTurbo, 03/15/2010
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Bought my Civic new with the intention of keeping it until either it goes or I go whichever comes first. I was just short of 55 at the time and in very good health so I wanted a car with staying power, that was sporty, fun, and economical. So far, perfect choice. The Civic delivers super gas mpg, I get over 40 mpg on expressway trips and always over 30 mpg, and generally average 35 mpg. No repair issues; one strut replaced under warranty ages ago, front brakes at 75K miles, and otherwise regular maint. Handles great, VTec motors hits with more power above 3,500 rpm, a budget sports car. It can take 4 people anywhere in comfort with their luggage. Just a practical and enjoyable car.

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