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Not worth the premium

kamikiaze, 06/02/2011
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I bought my 2003 Honda Hybrid new. All told I think it was $35k. Paying a premium on the car because it was a hybrid, the tax deduction and the gas savings would make up for the extra cost; right? Well, for the past year it has been sitting in our driveway with a busted transmission. $4500 to replace it. This is the latest in a long string of recalls/replacements on this car. Luckily, our other fixes have been covered by Honda; but this fix is not. We look at the blue book value of this car, and seriously question if it is worth fixing especially when we read other reviews of cars that have gone through multiple transmissions and other fixes. For the price, I expected better.

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Beware: Battery goes right after warranty

formerhondafan, 02/07/2011
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Just a warning to those looking at this car. I bought in 2002 (2003 model) and have been the only owner for just over 8 years. Five months past the warranty, the battery failed and now I have to pay $3000 to have it replaced. The car has less that 80,000 miles, but because I've owned it over eight years, the warranty has expired. This is simply too much of an expense to be reasonable or fair. It certainly doesn't justify the gas savings. I am very disappointed in Honda and will not buy another one, because of this experience.

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The battery is a disaster!

loring, 08/24/2013
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The IMA Battery on the 2003 Civic Hybrid is/was a flawed product. My first battery failed at 42,000 miles ( at 7 years) and was replaced under warranty. The second battery has failed with less than 27,000 miles ( at 11 years) and the dealer says it will cost me $3,684 to replace it with a rebuilt battery with a 3 year, 36K warranty. So far, Honda and I have spent more on batteries than I have on fuel for this car. With a 3 year warranty on a $3,684 battery, I'm planning on $1,000 per year battery cost going forward.

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Honda reliability is just a catch phrase

stingrey13, 12/06/2016
EX 4dr Sedan (1.7L 4cyl 4A)
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Unfortunately, this car's motor went out despite my meticulous maintenance of the car. Also, it burned a significant amount of oil. It might have been lack of care from the previous owner. The car was great while it ran. This was my 4th Civic (2 of which including this one had motor issues), all of my Civic's owned burned oil. I thought it was normal for older cars to burn oil but my 2005 Ford Focus and 1999 Ford Escorts do not burn oil at all. Plus they run great aside from electrical issues in the Ford Focus. Despite all it's praise and glory, I don't think I'll ever own a Honda again.

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Still running with new parts

Bigtaka1, 05/17/2010
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I bought my civic used in 2005 with 37K miles and now have 158K. I have been a stickler with scheduled maintenance and have averaged between 33 and 38 mpg. I go on long drives once a month and it does well, but the seats are uncomfortable and you feel every pebble and crack and on the road. I replaced the ignition coils at 120K, the clutch at 153K and the head gasket replaced at 155K, which was hard to diagnose as the symptoms lead you to think the issue is elsewhere (overheating and heater malfunctioning), and the dealership was clueless. Otherwise it has been good to me. I would recommend buying this car, but if the miles are high look for one with new head gasket!

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