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Best Car I've Ever Owned!

energist, 07/08/2012
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I bought the car new in 2003 and it's been great. I see many complaints about gas mileage, but mine averages 49 MPG with snow tires on. This has been the most trouble free and economical car I've ever owned, and it's fun to drive.

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Status Report- 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid After 200K

auburngbb, 05/19/2011
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Total 2003 HCH Cost- HW Items purchased from 79k to 200k miles as follows: 2 sets of tires 1 speed sensor (drove thru deep puddle) 1 set of spark plugs 1 set of ft brake pads 1 fuel filter Fluid change maintenance from 79K to 200k miles as follows: * Several 0-20W/0-30W oil/filter changes (8k mile intervals) * Two CVT fluid changes noting I assumed to change oil every 100K miles until I noticed the transmission was slipping and read my OEM operators manual stating to change trans. oil every 30K. After changing the oil the first time THE TRANSMISSION QUIT SLIPPING and I make sure to change this fluid at recommended intervals. * One Antifreeze change Car runs good(mildly abused)

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2.5 years of love for my ep3

kingchristo, 10/11/2014
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My Civic Si looked new when I bought it 2.5 years ago with 55K (totally stock). It's now at 90K, and it's been really great. The handling is a dream, it's comfortable as can be up front, and I get 30MPG+ even while having some fun on the mountain roads I drive daily. Its quick enough to be fun, though there are *now* a lot of faster cars for everyday use. I had to replace an O2 sensor and a door lock actuator (both of which are relatively easy to do yourself, luckily, and thus done for < $300 total). The backseat is a bit tight, but much better than what many similar cars have. The biggest shortcoming of this car is the lack of a 6th gear. 5th at 75mph=3700rpm.

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Decent but not great

McSteve, 05/09/2010
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This vehicle has been a pretty good day to day driver but the attention to detail is been lacking. Fuel economy is great and 7 years later feels tight and drives like new - but it is not without its issues. After two weeks of ownership, the interior fabric fell off the doors and need to be reglued. Stabilizer links failed at 80,000 km. Air conditioner failed at 90,000 km (55,000 miles). Exhaust manifold was cracked at 100,000 km (63,000 miles).

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Buy one for reliability

carterpuma, 06/19/2013
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I struggled with constant repairs on domestic cars for years before purchasing this car. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Bought at 47K miles in 2007 and now have 120K. In that time only ONE thing has ever gone wrong and that was a sensor that only cost $150. It just blows my mind how reliable this thing is. This car is such a smart choice and can be found for under $5K atm. Will be one of the best vehicle investments you ever make.

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