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First Yukon XL delivered to my dealer.

Joe, 01/13/2007
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The vehicle performs very well. Towing a travel trailer across the country I got 12 mpg which I thought was fine. Solo it gets close to 20. Over 6,000 miles it has used no oil and the computer says to change it at 15,000 miles. The fit and finish was a little disappointing. I need to take it to the dealer to have the strip on the passenger side replaced as it is falling off. The right rear wheel well also has a slight defect. Other than the finish problems the vehicle performs very well. The navigation system is very good and performs exceedingly well. It got us out of several problems with detours. The preprogammed trips are excellent.

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Clunk in my get along

Reeree, 01/28/2007
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At 3600 our '07 Yukon started having what I thought was transmission slipage. Dealer lubed slip yoke, then proceeded to replace 2 of them to no avail. Now worse than ever! If I didn't have a klunk in my rear end I would be very happy. Much improved from our '99.

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rbm5291, 01/30/2007
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Purchased about 2 months ago and has been nothing but fantastic! The Yukon XL handles well and GMC offers features to appease anyone. I highly recommend for anyone that is looking for a large SUV. Gets better than expected gas miles on the highway but does drink it down in the city.

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Best of the best!

Torod, 02/17/2007
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I can't rave enough about this vehicle to do it justice! It overshot everything I expected of it. I thought my 2003 Suburban was the ultimate but this 2007 version surpasses it. It is quiet, superior ride and handling, power up the whazzoo, smooth as silk and outstanding fuel economy! Thank you General Motors! Once again you have whizzed passed all the rest with a mile or more to spare!

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Improved While Missing?

RJ, 02/26/2007
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Purchased on 2/23/2007 to replace my 04 Yukon XL Denali. It has a lot of upgrades for only 2k than the 03. The steering is much improved along with handling. The updated NAV and dash layout is great! Entry into the rear seats is much easier with power fold up. The sunroof does not make the presure noise of the past. Six speed trans is very smooth and increased MPG by 5 already. I miss the old seats, and dual tip computer on the steering wheel. The cruise is better, but like the old stereo controls. The center console is larger, but glove is smaller. It seems like lots of vinyl instead of leather with lots of plastic. The dash is hard to read in daylight and missing 2nd visor. New Opts a +

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