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Smiles on your face!

jsm10, 03/27/2011
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2012 GT Coupe . . . perfect blend for an easy daily driver plus everything you'd want to put a smile on your face. First, the smile factors . . . satisfying growl, neck-snapping torque, smooth clutch and tight 6 speed, balanced handling (you'll look for curvy two-lane roads) and appreciative looks. And, this comes in an easy-to-drive commuter. The engine is powerful enough so that you don't have to "row" yourself down the street. Gas mileage is 16/26 . . . you can get over 20 combined, but you'll want to put your foot into when you get a chance. Did I mention the growl? LOTS of bells and whistles with SYNC, bluetooth and the optional NAV system (recommended if you like music).

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Can't be Beat for the Price

jeffc, 11/10/2011
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Ordered 2012 Black Coupe V-6 with 6 speed manual and performance package. Out the door for a little over $23k, hell economy cars will run you more than that now. Car is awesome looking, very tight feel to it and it actually rides good considering the GT suspension and 19 inch wheels. And this thing gets up and goes and I have only taken it up to a little over 5000 rpm's ( redline is 7k). I cannot imagine what the V8 must be like but that would have cost $7,000 more and a lot more in insurance. Went from an 08 Tiburon and insurance actually went from over $500 every 6 months to about $310! Ordered in Aug just got it and now getting it ready to store...I hate winter!

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6 Months In

imabully, 06/13/2012
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I have had my base 2012 Ford Mustang V6 Mustang with automatic transmission for just over 6 months now. I bought it in December 2011. Winter driving conditions were no problem with a sack of sand in the trunk ;) I love the acceleration, handling (and gas mileage). At 95 MPH, the Mustang is just percolating along and yawningly understressed.

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1st Boss Review!!

cammer, 09/14/2011
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Just got a performance white Boss, used with 4k miles and no trac key or Recaro seat option. really wanted those options but I refused to pay the stupid 10k markup that the dealers currently insist on. Now on to the car. In a word WOW! the handling and power of this Stang is remarkable! I can't wipe the grin off my face every time I hit an on ramp or a corner that I can accelerate through. I am driving the car daily and it is quitecivilized below 4500 rpm then all bets are off! I have been amazed as to how mant people have come to talk to me about the car or give a big thumbs up!

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billbert, 09/23/2011
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Bought a v6 305 hp 2012 6 speed manual trans 3.31 axle with performance package ...Empty nester mid fiftys ex 60 s 70s muscle car owner.. I am tickled to death so far..A lot of minor conplaints by others mostly about chinese made getrag trans BUT knock on wood.. I did not buy this to hammer the crap out of it or modify it heavily..COMING from the old days I cant believe the value..Like going back and getting a new small block chevy corvette fastback..GET the performance package..worth EVERY dime..This car is fast/nimble/taunt/economical/good looking/and comfortable for two..recent windows down 30 mpg roadtrip in mountains doing 65-82 mph..OLD muscle car would get 15 if your lucky.. FUN CAR!!

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