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Best car I've ever had!

nursemollybsrn, 01/30/2012
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I bought this car on 12/14/2011. I've only driven it for over month, it is my daily driver. It has only 19,000 miles on it and it is absoutely stunning! I love everything about this car. The way the engine rumbles, the noise of the blinkers, the sound of the door when you shut it, the stero is kickin', the ease at which the top goes up and down! I have learned that you actually have to be careful in slower traffic because when you step on the get an instant response. And yes, I have raced it. I have smoked everyone that I have come up against - in town and highway - with barely any effort. This car was made to go fast! And is excellent therapy if you have a stressful day at work!

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Classic American muscle in a modern package

Mustangjosh, 09/07/2018
V6 Premium 2dr Coupe (4.0L 6cyl 5M)
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I love the way this car looks, truly has the feel of a classic 1960s mustang updated for modern times. I purchased my 2007 V6 Pony package back in February and it has been a GREAT car so far. Handling and steering is superb. I have a custom exhaust and it sounds great for a 6, too. There is a great market for these cars to mod, no matter whether you get a V6 or spring for the GT or Shelby. Parts are plentiful and cheap compared to other cars. Reliability has been good, recently had to replace an alternator, but at 138,000 miles wear items like that should be expected. Just a few critiques though. I wish the V6 of this generation had a little more power, what it has is adequate for sure, but when Camrys are faster than your sporty car, it's lackluster. Also, given the fact that it's a sporty car, the fuel economy wasn't much better than the GT, even though it's a V6. I average 19-21 MPG, but you drive a Mustang for smiles per gallon, not miles. The ride can be a little harsh a first if you come from a non-sporty car, however, it is soft enough to live with on a daily basis and still handle well. My car has the Pony package, which has the GT suspension anyways, so that may give you a better idea. Regular V6s ride a bit smoother I hear, but don't handle as well. Seats are comfy, controls easy to access, and the dash has plenty of chrome for a retro 60s feel, much like the exterior of the car. The back seat is basically useless, but I don't have kids anyways, so it doesn't matter to me. Materials are a little plasticky, but who really cares? The car is so fun that stuff doesn't matter. A set of adjustable Koni shocks can help you tune your suspension for a softer ride or, the other direction, for a firmer ride and better handling. Also be aware that these cars have a sealed transmission, no dipstick, so no repair shops will change your transmission fluid for you, you either have to do it yourself or go to the dealer to change it out. Avoid buying a high mileage car with no maint. records, because a sealed transmission that the fluid was never changed in is a ticking time bomb.

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My Favorite Car

Kyle, 01/03/2007
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This is my 4th car in two years; I've had an Accord, an 86 Camaro, a Camry, and now this and I LOVE IT! It's as fast as my V8 Camaro was and the handling is impeccable. I live in Colorado and it even does well in icy conditions given my previous training with rear-wheel drive. The interior is comfortable and smart looking and the exterior is simply HOT. Gas mileage is decent at around 21 mpg compared to 14 mpg in my similar performing V8 Camaro. Though only complaint I have to say quip about is the quality; I've had it since November and it squeaks like a wild horse. I played the stereo too loud and now the glass in the side view mirrors is loose and rattles! The cheap plastic can cut you.

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Fun and fast

CKL, 09/25/2010
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I moved to the US recently from Europe, and the first thing I did was to buy a 2007 dark red Mustang. 6 month down the road, it's still the car of my (and my husband's) dreams. Lot's of personality. Easy managed. Having read some of the reviews on this site, it's clear that not everyone was aware what they were in for when they got this car. So here's the deal: This is not a family car, and if the driver is tall, there is zero room for ANY size of passenger in the back. But I mean - it's a Mustang! It's not built to be 'practical' or to take the whole family, dog, etc. for a spin in. It's build to give its owner (and the side passenger) a joy ride. And that this car 100% delivers on.

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A girl and her pony by Marea

Marea, 08/23/2006
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I love my pony! I ordered a Windveil blue convertible with parchment top and leather interior same color with comfort package (new for 2007). Also added an interior upgrade. I wanted to brighten up the inside as much as possible, not a big fan of black, but the black that is there looks great! Oh, Pony package of course. This car is awesome! She gets looks everywhere she goes. So much fun with the top down. My salesman said to order the boot that goes over the top when it's down. It helps keep it clean when the top is down for an extended period of time. It's also expensive to add the hardware for it to the car if you decide you want it later. If you have cats, invest in a car cover.

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