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Found On the Road Dead

badbadford, 01/26/2012
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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I bought this when my 2005 f 350 blue its motor the third time while stuck in Wyoming with six horses and a family in a motel, the 2008 got me home but over the last three years it broke down seven times, four radiators, two turbos an engine and now another break down and a new engine, now its 2000 miles out of extended warranty. It is unreliable, poorly built and only a fool would recommend it, the ones that do have never used it for long hauls or extensive ranch work which is what it was built to do.....FORD found on the road dead how true is that. Ford should be ashamed to sell this crap and a class action suit should be had. 29 repair items this time around....

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Probably worst mistake in my life

Yuri, 10/30/2009
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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Since 11/07, truck has been in shop 7-8 times. Last time it had the entire head replaced; took about 30 days. Absolutely NO POWER to this date. Also have an 08 GMC 2500 Duramax, blows this Ford out of water with power. I am sad to find all these posts as I am doing research tonight on my new truck- 2009 Sierra 3500. Will be at GMC tomorrow getting trade-in appraisal for it. I do excavating so I am daily towing 10-12k trailer w/ either a mini-ex or skid-steer. Absolutely a dog in power. Took to Ford dealer several times, they say it's fine. Get literally 7-8 mpg avg. GMC gets 11-12 towing same exact load w/ tons more power. If you love yourself, PLEASE do not buy this truck.

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Another one bites the dust

seehorse, 11/01/2012
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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I bought it in Texas thanks to a blown head gasket on my 05 F350 that left me stranded (5th time) and I had to get my 40' trailer to NM by the next day. Since the repair would have been a 3 day event I bought the 08 F450 off the dealer's lot. At first all was well, the truck pulled better than the 350 and it ran perfectly. It was trouble free for the first 4 years I owned it aside from it's abysmal fuel efficiency (6 MPG towing, the older 350 averaged around 10 with the same trailer). Then, things started to happen. A sensor crippled the truck. Repair. A turbo blew. Repair. Oil leak. Repair. DPE failure leading to blown engine. Currently broken, 66k and 10 days out of warranty.

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Defective 6.4L Engine life expectancy = 100,000

Laura, 12/31/2016
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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After my last review (below) and after investing $20,000 for a new engine and being refused a better warranty then the 2 year warranty they gave us, the truck had another $3500 repair, 8 days after the 2 year warranty was up, and would not honor the warranty. Penske, the dealer, did cut the cost in 1/2..probably because they felt sorry for us after benefiting from so many repairs made to the truck. Ford, on the other hand, makes sure you can not reach a real person with real authority. I planned to take Ford to small claims, but we sold the truck instead and I decided I didn't want any more stress or grief trying to get Ford's attention. My husband & I were Ford truck "believers" for many years until 2016! From our past experience, we expected our 2008 F450 diesel (with the 6.4L engine), to take us into retirement and beyond until the engine blew up this year, with just over 100,000 miles! $18,455.66 later (this doesn't count the $7600 repair one year ago), and a lousy 2 year warranty on the new (same defective engine), we found out that this engine is "expected" to fail around 100,000 miles making it the worst engine in the Ford truck line. (Our 1999 F350 is still on the road at 250,000+ miles!) I tried to contact Ford's customer service (which is really their customer dis-service as the one answering the phone only has a first name and no boss to appeal to). My expectation was to get a reasonable 10 year/100,000 mile warranty on the new engine instead of a crappy 2 year warranty (which is equivalent to a 30,000 mile warranty). The mechanics told us they could bullet proof the replacement engine, after the 2 year warranty expired, for about $8000! My question is, why isn't the replacement engine "bullet proofed" already? What was once a great company with integrity has been replaced by fraud and failure. I am embarrassed to be driving a Ford after my humble retirement account has been robbed of $20,000.

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Piece of junk Stay away dont buy

snowkartracer, 07/30/2012
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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Purchased truck early 07 when first came out I know have 128k miles . truck has spent a lot of time at dealer . many items broke main things are rear end . rear springs. trailer wiring .engine blew @ 106 k .3 radiators. air conditioner panel. replaced coolant hoses. replaced temp stat. new turbo and hoses replaced. many other little stuff . Its always fighting with ford they are not real customer helpful there never wanting to stand up to there piece of junk I will never purchase ford again Stay away don't buy

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F450 nothing but trouble

f550owner, 03/17/2012
XL 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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Replaced 3 radiators, one at 17k, then at 34k then at 75k, and then a new engine. Fought with Ford, and wound up hiring a lemon lawyer and received a settlement of 20k, 5k to the lawyer, 15k for a used rebuilt engine, plus a 6 month delay while i maintained payments of nearly $900 a month. I settled, but others should get their money back, i would love to hear from others who may have had success in getting or receiving a settlement. Note: i have 104,000 miles and was out of warranty, they told me to pound sand

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hunk of junk that looks good!!

hans, 10/06/2009
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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@ 10770 miles turbo went bad enigne noise, turbo noise over heating all sort of problems, @ 13500 engine rebuilt , engine noise, turbo leak, overheating!! @ 13700 miles radiator replaced. @ 16600 miles date 10/01/09 vehicle in shop AGAIN! turbo leak, temp gauge problem, radiator leak, smell of oil in cabin, engine oil leak. ford refuse to replace the vehicle. just a nightmare. DO NOT BUY THIS TRUCK!

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Pulls well, but can't pass a gas station

gistmarrs, 04/21/2009
XL 4dr Crew Cab LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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I've got just over 20,000 miles. The fuel mileage is pathetic at 8.4 mpg average (about 7 towing and 9.5 not). It's been in the shop to many times to count. 3 radiators, water pump, idler pulleys, thermistats, wheel bearing, etc. It ruined our last vacation by being stranded in a tiny desert town for several days.

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You've Got to Be Kidding

Ex chevy owner, 08/18/2009
XLT 4dr Crew Cab LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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63K miles - 4th time in the shop for major repair. Latest adventure 1 week to replace fuel pump, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE CAB TO GET TO IT? This truck was not designed to be maintained. Change fuel filter every other oil change ($$$$). Regular tire shops cannot change or rotate tires (???). This truck is not one of Ford's better ideas.

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Re-Review, I have a change of mind...

85punkrock, 10/08/2009
Lariat 4dr Crew Cab 4WD LB DRW (6.4L 8cyl Turbodiesel 6M)
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I had originally reviewed this truck well over a year ago. Since that time I've had the rad replaced twice and then a loss of power problem. Ford replaced the fuel pump, but that didn't fix the problem. After 6 months of back and forth they finally figured out it was the high pressure pump. Towing a 18K lb trailer was a challenge on a recent trip when the truck kept losing power. Thankfully they finally fixed it! I have to admit, Ford did help out in the way of giving me a rental vehicle and covering everything under the Powertrain warranty. But would I buy another one? Nah. Should have gone for one of those Freightliners!

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