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Earlier is better than new!

jackson, 07/03/2010
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If you want a heated steering wheel, seats, and such, buy a BMW or whatever. Mine has only 4k with intake, exhaust, and Paxton supercharging. I have four Corvettes of all years and my favorite to drive, by far, is the Viper. Top's down!

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my first Viper

Joe, 11/18/2009
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The car is awsome. Deffinately not for everyone. I was a Corvette guy until I got into Vipers. Not the same vehicle at all. This is a race car with head lights. The new Vipers are even more fun to drive. If you are a race car driver buy a 1st or 2nd gen. All others buy a new style Viper....

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gcpocd, 07/24/2011
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my 94 viper rt10 is a true show car.everywhere i go people react like they cannot believe this car is on the road.I cant go anywhere with out some body yelling out or following me.taking pictures or cam corder . I love the attention the car brings.i have had many different sports cars this by far is the most attention grabber to date.

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94 Viper

viper 1, 07/21/2005
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The 94 is truely a classic, but you can not find a clean one at the price Edmunds is listing.This car appreciates every year. The car is brute force, has exceptional handling, and has a noisy exhaust. If you are tall ( 6' or taller) you might have a problem driving it as the windshield is low. The mileage is good considering it has a V 10. I get as high as 26 mpg on the highway if I keep it down to 70, City is around 15. The windows clip into the doors and for about $4000, you can buy a hard top for it. Some cars are lowered so you have to watch out as the car's clearance would then be less than 3.5 " Tires cost about $450 to $500 a piece so you want to buy one with good tires

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Is that a Viper

Steve, 08/09/2005
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There are not many cars on the road that get the kind of attention the Dodge Viper receives. I have owned the car since late September of 2004 and have always gotten a wave, a smile, a thumbs up, a yell, a nod and the occassional reving of someone elses engine. Every once in a while a Viper fan will spin their head so far around that you'd swear it made a complete 360 turn. The car is a treat to drive. Not only is it one of the fastest production cars on the road but its fun to drive. The Gen I vipers handle like go carts as compared to the newer models which lack the "fun factor". This car is the best bang for the buck on the market. It is just as awesome today as it was in 1994.

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