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Transmission Problems

Solid Car, 09/22/2008
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My parents bought new in 95. It has been through the family a couple of times. It's had regular maintenance. We had lifetime oil changes from the dealer, but they changed it from 3k to 7.5k, so it's about 1 out of every 3 oil changes are free. It burns 1 - 1.5 quarts of oil in between oil changes. The transmission was replaced at 150k and it had metal in it at 250k. It's having problems again, but it has 293k miles. If you change the oil ever 3k miles, brakes and tires it will run forever. I'm on my 3rd driver seat and the fr passenger is wobbly. The tapedeck quit (replace w/ CD) and the A/C went out ($1,000 fix, not worth it). Window motor peters out, only goes 3" down.

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1995 Dodge Caravan

Dodge, 12/19/2004
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I bought the Caravan used & I am very impressed with the look the ride the comfort on long trips. I have moved twice since I purchased the van. It has been a pleasant purchase. I keep telling my friends that if they want a vehicle that won't nickel and dime them to death, get hold of a Dodge Caravan and don't worry about it. I also tell them a little TLC and it will be a member of the family forever!

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1995 Doge Caravan (3.3L)

Tim Jessup, 06/08/2008
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140,000+ miles, & perfectly pleased with ours. We own 2 others, one a 1985 with 199,000 miles and the other is a 2003 with 45,000 miles. With the 1995, we have only replaced the AC compressor in 12+ years (not counting a recall for the rear window wiper). Get 27 miles on hwy (2 less in summer with AC) 19-20 around town. Acceleration is strong and smooth for a van. I laugh at buyers of Honda and Toyota vans when Dodge invented and continues to perfect theirs. My nephew had a Honda Odyssey and replaced the tranny twice at 100,000 not to mention sliding door, brake and other probs. Encouraged friend at work to trade his Ody for a Caravan due to too many expensive repairs.

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would do again

love it, 09/17/2008
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I bought this van from a company fleet sale with 124,000 miles on it and immediately put it to work as a service van. it has performed exceptionally well with only routine issues such as oil, brakes, tires, etc. I have only had issues with the ABS ($340.00 to repair), transaxle seal leak ($250.00 to repair), and entire new brake system ($750.00, quick oil change place put wrong brake fluid in reservoir, seals all expanded. The vehicle now has 197,000 miles on the 3.3 L V6 motor and performs flawlessly. I haven't used it as a work vehicle for about 4 years now but keep it to haul college kids stuff from home to school when needed. Too bad they do not make this van as a service van anymore.

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markandcathy, 08/17/2009
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Bought this 1995 red Dodge Caravan (JUST LIKE THE PICTURE ON THIS PAGE)in 1996 from another person. It's been a great vehicle. Just the usual things, a rebuilt transmission, water pump, oil changes and tires. It now has 182,000 miles. The paint job still looks like new and the interior still looks good too. I love the way it sits up high and you can see out of it. Great van!

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