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165,650 and still going strong

sinclair_00, 03/09/2011
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11 years and 165,650 miles later, and I still love my Daewoo Nubira SE. It has not left me stranded, and has only overheated twice, once when my water pump died at 152,500, and then when the original radiator cracked at 162,350. Other than that just your basic repairs, if you take care of it it will return the favor. I really wish GM, Suzuki and the unknown third partner had bought the US division and kept it in business because it would have been nice to see where Daewoo could have gone in today’s market. Especially with the fuel prices of today. The best investment was swapping the bad Hancook tires for BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires; it has improved the ride, performance and MPG of the Nubira. This car is definitely a keeper, if not for a daily driver then for a perfect backup vehicle and will be used to the very end which according to my mechanic could quite possible be another 50,000+ miles.

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Wow, what a car!

robsawriter, 06/14/2008
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I bought this car used from a friend. I had no idea that what I was getting would be so fun to drive, get such great fuel economy and these days with the price of gas hitting records each day, it is a bonus to own this car.

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I like my Nubira

txslingshot, 04/25/2002
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When I bought my Nubira I had gone to all of the various dealers in the area without being impressed. Either the cars were too expensive, or were bargain basement no-frills junk. When I drove the Nubira, it was nothing like that. The little car has an exceptional ride, a reliable, very responsive engine and very confident road feel. This little car begs to be driven hard and has very few bad habits or quirks, AND the price was extremely low compared to other cars in it's class. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great little car.

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My First Car

newh1323, 12/26/2008
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I've driven dozens of cars since I've owned this one and I find enjoyment in it every time I take the wheel. It's very peppy from 0-40 mph but accelerates timidly after that. Using it as a delivery car has been smooth sailing and long road trips are easily tackled by this vehicle. It's kind of a rare car wherever you go and parts are nothing short of a scavenger hunt but with appropriate maintenance, the thing is a survivor. It has come with its share of problems though. The CD player and A/C had to be replaced a few years after purchase. Any other difficulties with the car have been due to low quality electrical parts (power windows). It's a respectable first-car to run into the ground.

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the woowoo

jon daewoo, 12/30/2009
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I got this used as a graduation car after driving it while in school. I've had very few problems with it beyond normal wear and tear. I consistently get outstanding mileage with it: I got over 40mpg coming back from TX to KS last winter. The "power" feature is nice for when you want a sportier feel/acceleration and for driving long, climbing stretches (lots of hills). Very comfortable to drive and handles great. The speaker system puts out impressive quality for being a smaller car. My only issue is an oil leak that is hard to fix because there are no dealers anymore.

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