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Best truck ever

Terry, 02/10/2009
Tahoe 2dr Regular Cab SB
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We bought this truck new. Very few problems never has left me stranded. I have beaten this truck mercilessly, hauled more then I should and pulled way too much. It's been a rock. Never leaves me stranded. Its all original and is my daily driver today. I will never buy another daily driver and it will not be given to anyone else. I will probably be buried in it when I die. 221,000 miles, no engine work, one clutch and oil changes. That's it. I have had several s10's because of this one. Met my girlfriend in it, married her with it and will die with both of them.

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Incredible little truck

sc_redneck, 04/16/2012
2dr Maxi-Cab 4WD SB
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I bought this truck in 2010 with 126000 miles on it. it was still running like new at the time. It had overheating issues from offroading, but after they were fixed it ran like brand new. made the 1100 mile drive from SC to TX running steady at 70 mph and made it 450 miles on one tank. The only design flaws have been cosmetic (overwieght doors, window track issues). Incredbly easy to fix, customize, and do major repairs on. The truck is 20 years old, still has the factory motor and transmission, has 144000 miles on it and still runs like a champ. Easily the greatest financial descision i have ever made. I will replace the engine before i sell it (if the engine ever dies).

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Dependable truck

tbar, 12/05/2004
Tahoe 2dr Maxi-Cab SB
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Bought truck with 63000 miles now has 126000 with no major problems. Plan on keeping it for a few more years. Gets 22 mpg highway which is a lot better than the new Vortec 4.3 Getting a little rust around the wheel wells, paint still shines like new. She's been a real honey overall.

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Good truck. Bad transmission.

Greg Robinson, 08/23/2003
2dr Maxi-Cab SB
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I have owned this truck since 1995. I bought it with 55,000 miles and it has been a good one except at 115000 miles first gear went out and I got the transmision rebuilt and in two months second gear went out under warrenty and cost me nothing. I think it was a factory defect in the transmision.

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Fun Truck

mustangman68s, 09/26/2003
Tahoe 2dr Regular Cab 4WD SB
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First off, I've always been a Ford man. But I got a great deal on this truck by buying it from my sister. It has been a great truck ever since I have owned it. Only little things went wrong such at starter going out (granted I had just been off-roading the heck out of it), alternator going out and replacing a leaky heater core. Great truck!

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True blue

Bryan, 05/16/2006
Tahoe 2dr Regular Cab SB
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This truck drives and handles well. I drive it hard like a Jeep and it always is ready for the next challenge.

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Best Truck Yet

Minnesotafreebird, 09/28/2007
2dr Regular Cab LB
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I just bought this truck back in June with 152,000 miles on it. It's up to 155,608 miles now. It's still running great, the only thing that needs replacing is the radiator, which only has a small leak, when I bought the clutch was just replaced and a new water pump was put in. The 2.8L V6 engine is a great engine, no matter what anyone else says. As long as you take care of it it will last forever. The only other problem with it is the alignment in the front is off, nothing major though.

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1992 S10 EXT. CAB

POST, 04/22/2002
2dr Maxi-Cab SB
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Pretty good...For a while

Ruby Shaun, 07/30/2003
2dr Regular Cab SB
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Pretty good truck for a while...Don't take 2wd 4 cyl offroading through anything...It'll completely kill it. Rust is bad, but it gets me from place to place. Trying to get rid of it now, lookin for somethin bigger and roomier. Prolly going towards Ford, I had a ranger for a while and liked that a lil better, not by much..Going full- size ford.

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S10 Tahoe Regular Cab

JohnnyP, 09/04/2002
Tahoe 2dr Regular Cab SB
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Nice truck. good fuel economy. V6 not a good engine. looks good runs good. cant hold 300 pounds without bottoming out.

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