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Pat, 01/23/2005
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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The Z28 is one of the most amazing vehicles Chevrolet has ever designed. It's handling is very impressive for a 3300 lb rear wheel drive vehicle and it is just fun to drive. The LT1 is an impressive motor giving the Z28 275 hp and 325 ft-lbs torque. Nothing is better than its ominous growl that always turns heads. The Camaro Z28 was one of the last in the dying breed of the muscle car. I say that if you want an impressive car with a reputation get a Z28 yourself and let the good times roll.

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Auto Transmission...

TreyT, 04/09/2004
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I saw a lot of comments about the auto tranny's in these reviews and figured I'd try to help out with auto trannies and possible problems. The 4L60E is a great transmission one of the best...HOWEVER, many people don't realize the transmission fluid needs to be completely flushed about every 20k miles...also getting rebuilds from a top notch GM rebuilder that has all the latest fixes is crucial. A mild shift kit will also help increase the logevity. A transmission cooler also helps a LOT. If the fluid flushed (not just changed) every 20k the transmission will go 100+k easily...unless you just beat on it.

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A true Beast!

redz28boy, 12/17/2007
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car 10 months ago and I have been very pleased! I had a 92 rs Camaro with the 305 and this is a big step up. I put flowmasters on it to sound even more menacing. I love taking into open parking lots and lighting up the rear tires! If you ever have an opportunity to buy the lt1 or ls1, then I say go for it. Go Chevy!

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255,000 miles and still going

Bren, 11/21/2005
2dr Convertible
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Would you believe I have 255,000 miles on my Camaro with no major mechanical problems so far? Always thought that would be a volvo or saab, not a chevy. I've been very pleased with my car's longevity; just goes to show you what consistent oil changes do for you and good workmanship.

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My Aging Z28

Bryan, 05/21/2009
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I bought my Z in the Spring of 2003 from a young guy who was the second owner. I think he must have ran the heck out of this baby, but it rode good on the test drive and he kept it spotless. I have had it 6 years and put 75,000 mile on her. The body has help up nicely and it is a fun and powerful car. The oil pump quit working 3 days after I bought it and it spun a crank bearing. I had a new LT1 motor in it which has been outstanding so far. The transmission has some poor factory engineering however. My mech. tells me that there is a drum in the tranny made of aluminum that is too fragile to handle the high torque output of the car. Basically Z28=fun/looks/$$$. But I'm not complaining

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old man,younger days

peter james, 06/05/2009
2dr Hatchback
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for a sixty year old it brings back memories of graduation 1964 and hot cars,chevy was at the top of the list....with only 50k verified miles it was a very good buy for just under $5000.

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1995 camaro 3.4 5 speed 242k miles

Randy, 07/29/2015
Z28 2dr Convertible
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This a great car the only thing that broke while I own the vehicle was the headlight switch it has 242k miles on it only leaks about half quart every 4k miles. The only other thing that gave me a problem were the spark plugs.

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Power to spare with 25 MPG

glen, 05/22/2009
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I am sixty years old and this is the fastest car I have ever owned. Nice styling, class, economy etc.

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95 Z28 Very Fast!!! but Problematic.

Johnny-Speed-Racer, 03/01/2003
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I purchased this vehicle new back in 95 and w/ 51,000K I don't drive it very much... My A4 Transmission is problematic and a 4L40E Nightmare!!! 8 times rebuilt. Other than that, it's a High Performance Z with every SLP bolt-on including a Level One Handling Package. It's an Ultra Quick Street Car, and a really fun car to drive. With 26 years Driving Experience, My Z can outrun, outperform, or at least hang with anything with 4 wheels on the street or Highway. I still Love the Car!

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This car is my baby

Dr.Dave, 07/13/2010
Z28 2dr Hatchback
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I Read the reviews on the 1995 Chevrolet Z28 and I was pleased. I wanted to add my comments. I purchased my red/black Z28 brand new in 1995 with every option available. My Z is a blast I still own it and I love it just as much as I did back in 1995. I like all the American muscle cars myself, so I think it is preference and price of what you want to own. I think you get a lot of car for what you pay and the parts are cheap compared to my Cadillac DTS. These camaros are basic and easy to work on to a point. Very fun car for any night out, or just driving around. Very cool car and a head turner. I turn heads when I drive mine to this day, my z still looks new and I keep it detailed and garaged.

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