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Hurrah for Astro and Safari!

mattagrella, 02/17/2003
3dr Minivan
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I love these vans.

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Mom's Car

Zip, 08/17/2006
LS 3dr Minivan AWD
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Reliable. AWD better than 4WD. Never a problem on ice, snow, or in rain. Regularly maintained by dealer. On second set of tires. Only major work was windshield wiper motor at 95k. Sorry to see them go.

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Ride High

Suni, 05/26/2002
LS 3dr Minivan
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I have a 1998 Astro and its in great condition. For any car you buy you must maintain it! Example: NEVER miss a oil change, check tires, brakes, fluid levels regularly, also keep it clean. I have about 70 000km on it, and the engine runs great..90L gas tank...use nothing but high grade! It is true that the air filters get dirty fast....but i put a fine net around the opening and it stays clean long! The body design is great, the paint it good quality. The seats inside could be more comfortable but overall its nice. The 8 speaker 500 watt stock sound system is really nice!! If Chevy had to do one improvement i would say make the performance better.

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Continutal Front End issues but Very Reliable

JimL, 01/15/2020
LT 3dr Minivan
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You will put in tie rod ends every 40K or less and many sets of tires on these vans. I purchased the 50K tires and they always fail about 50% of the expected life. They always prorate so you get nothing. (not a complaint about vehicle here but tires and their false ratings) Ball joints need replacement around 100K. Also, you need to replace the cap and rotor every 12 -15K miles or it will not start. Doghouse is not fun to remove to work on engine but not too difficult. Changing plugs are a chore. (especially drivers’ side one is very difficult to get to). I purchased my 1991 with 100K miles. I now have 270K and still runs fine no issues. I replaced alternator twice as a preventative measure (was making some noise) and fuel pump, water pump, and brakes (typical wear items). Heater Core started leaking and replaced it myself many years back. Very tiny bit of oil consumption and leakage under vehicle between oil changes (less than many new vehicles). Rims are rusting out now and develop slow leaks and so is under body. I replaced one already. Original Exhaust!! Can you believe That!! Not a great turning (handling) vehicle when compared to full sized Avalanche or equivalent and not a lot of leg room but good enough for me (I am 6' 2”). Only recently check engine because the anti-lock is not working. who needs it? I don't need this fancy anti-lock junk and I find simplicity is best. A.C died many years ago and minimal heat due to gunk in the radiator (many flushings) but now they say there is a leak in radiator, and they cannot flush or pressurize it. Funny It must be near the top of the water line because I only add like one cup per year? It does not leak. This is more of a truck and not a minivan for the wife. it does great in winter and it super handy for homeowners who need to haul replacement water heaters or washer/dryers. overall this is a GREAT RELIABLE vehicle. I love it and will miss it dearly if and when I decide to part with it. I am thinking of a Chevy Avalanche to replace it someday

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