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2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz Lineup: Everything You Need to Know

It's coming to the U.S. in three trims: Pro S, Pro S Plus and 1st Edition.

2025 Volkswagn ID. Buzz for United States with Classic Transporter
  • The ID. Buzz will be available in Pro S, Pro S Plus and special 1st Edition trim levels.
  • Buyers will be able to select rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations.
  • Customers will be able to select vibrant colors like Energetic Orange, Pomelo Yellow and Mahi Green.

The wait for the United States to get the Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric minivan with retro styling is nearly over. After years of seeing prototypes and the model's launch in Europe, the vehicle will finally arrive here during the fourth quarter of this year. It'll be available in three trim levels: Pro S, Pro S Plus, and a limited 1st Edition variant.

All versions of the ID. Buzz in the U.S. will come with a 91-kilowatt-hour battery. The Pro S will come exclusively as a rear-wheel-drive model making 282 horsepower. The Pro S Plus and 1st Edition grades will be available with either a rear-drive or a 335-hp all-wheel drive configuration. VW won't provide any range estimates for the van until the third quarter of 2024, a VW U.S. spokesperson tells Edmunds.

Buyers in the U.S. will be able to get the ID. Buzz in a rainbow of colors, including some pastel hues that will evoke the original Microbus from the 1960s. The palette will include two-tone options with a Candy White roof and Energetic Orange, Pomelo Yellow, Blue Charcoal, Mahi Green, Metro Silver, Cabana Blue or Indium Grey body. There will also be a Metro Silver top above a Cherry Red exterior. The monotone options will be Metro Silver, Candy White and Deep Black Pearl. All of the trims come with 20-inch wheels.

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While the exterior looks a bit like a van from the 1960s, VW loads the ID. Buzz with modern minivan convenience features like power-sliding rear doors on each side and a power hatchback. Inside, there's a 12,9-inch infotainment display, a 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and a 30-color ambient lighting system that lets owners make the interior just as colorful as the exterior.

Buyers will be able to select three upholstery layouts. There will be Moonlight that will feature dark brown synthetic leather, white piping, faux dark-colored wood on the dashboard, blue door inserts, and a black headliner. The Dune mood will combine dark gray synthetic leather, clay-colored piping and door inserts, and faux light-hued wood accents. Finally, Copper will include dark brown faux leather with yellow piping, more dark brown touches on the doors, and a washed-wood-look on the dashboard.

All examples of the ID. Buzz comes with a driver assistance system that includes parking assistance and the ability to make automatic lane changes once drivers initiate the maneuver via the stalk. There's also a wireless phone charging pad in the cabin.

The Pro S grade will only come with a second-row bench seat, providing room for up to seven occupants. The Pro S Plus will offer a pair of captain's chairs there that will reduce the volume to six people.

Upgrading to the Pro S Plus will also get buyers a head-up display, a 700-watt Harman Kardon stereo with nine speakers, and a manually retractable tow hitch. The options will include an electrochromic panoramic glass roof that can switch between transparent and opaque settings.

VW Id.Buzz Interior dash

Finally, the 1st Edition will only be available on the ID. Buzz at launch. It will come exclusively with a two-tone exterior, a different design of the 20-inch wheels, roof rails, the electrochromic panoramic glass roof, captain's chairs, and retro-inspired floor mats.

No pricing details for the U.S.-spec ID. Buzz are available at this time. A Volkswagen spokesperson tells us this information is coming in the third quarter of the year.

The gallery below provides a variety of looks at the ID. Buzz, including the European-market model, which is already on sale, spy shots of the van's development, and some of the styling ideas prior to the vehicle going into production.

Edmunds says

After years of concepts with styling evoking the classic bus, VW is finally putting a vehicle with this aesthetic on sale. Now, let's see if customers are excited enough about the retro-modern styling to buy this new minivan.

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