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Honda's Accessories Are Trying to Make the Prologue Different

Adventure-ready EV, anyone?

2024 Honda Prologue Picture

The Honda Prologue is Honda's first genuine EV effort in the United States, but it's not a from-the-ground-up Honda. In fact, much of the Prologue is based on the Chevy Blazer EV (one that's been notoriously difficult to live with based on our experience). But Honda is trying to make the Prologue different by offering more aftermarket add-ons to make its version of the Blazer a more rugged and capable adventure vehicle. Maybe we'll eventually see a full-on TrailSport model, too. Who knows, but at least Honda is working on giving its buyers the luxury of choices.

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We're also hoping for some slick, street-inspired Mugen parts for the Prologue — but maybe that's asking too much.