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The 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Gets a Bigger Battery, Freshened-Up Looks

The Ioniq 5 sees some meaningful updates for 2025, including a rear window wiper

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • The 2025 Ioniq 5 has a new N Line trim with cosmetic updates.
  • A new 84-kWh battery should boost range.
  • The Ioniq 5 finally comes with a rear wiper.

For 2025, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 sees a host of updates. These include a larger battery, a new N Line trim, and updates both inside and out. It should also be noted these changes apply to the Korean-spec car shown here, but we think many (if not all) of these updates will likely transfer over to a U.S.-spec car. We'll get official information on the U.S.-spec Ioniq 5 later, but for now, here's what you can expect to see here very soon.

The big news is the Ioniq 5’s new, larger battery pack. The EV swaps its older 77.4-kWh unit for a larger 84-kWh unit that should net a solid increase in range. For reference, the current Ioniq 5 SE Standard Range will travel an EPA-estimated 220 miles on a charge, and Limited models will go an EPA-estimated 303 miles. The lowest figure is off the Ioniq 5’s smallest 58-kWh battery pack, however, and it isn’t clear what will become of that trim and battery. It’s possible Hyundai could ax the trim altogether, but nothing's set in stone yet. All we know is a larger battery pack is a huge boon for prospective Ioniq 5 buyers and means waiting for the new model over a 2024 is likely a very good idea. 

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5  rear

There are, of course, other updates. For starters, all models receive new front and rear bumpers, which Hyundai also says have the added effect of bolstering the car's overall length by 0.8 inch. At long last, the model also sees the addition of a rear window wiper — something that was certainly missing from the car when it launched in 2022. Hyundai has also restyled the rear spoiler and added new wheel choices for buyers. Inside, the Ioniq 5 inherits the Ioniq 6’s light-up four-pixel motif steering wheel (which now detects if the driver’s hands are on it), and the wireless charger has been relocated to the left side of the center console. Also new on the center console are buttons for heated seats, among other controls. The rear seats can also be folded remotely, and the climate controls and infotainment dials have been reorganized slightly. Driver assists have been updated too, with updated lane keeping and park assist features.

A wholly new N Line trim will sit below the 671-hp Ioniq 5 N, though it isn’t clear whether this model will see a power bump to help it fill the gap. For now, changes are limited to new bumpers and 20-inch wheels. Inside, a new wheel, seats and pedals are found, along with a black headliner and some sporty red stitching to top it all off. The entire Ioniq 5 lineup has also received changes to the shocks, as well as added structural reinforcement combined with further sound insulation. Once again, it isn’t clear if the N Line will be further differentiated with mechanical updates. Unfortunately, a full release timeline hasn’t been given yet, and Hyundai only says we can expect more details “throughout the year.”

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Line

Edmunds says

The Ioniq 5 didn’t need much, but the addition of a rear wiper is certainly a welcome (and necessary) one. The added range from a larger battery is a welcome and expected bonus, but we’re curious to see just what the refreshed car's number turns out to be.