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Infiniti Electrifies Its Lineup at Tokyo Motor Show 2023

A fully electric sedan and SUV are on the way

Infiniti Vision Qe concept front
  • Infiniti announced a number of new models at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.
  • These include Infiniti's first EVs, with the introductory sedan previewed by the Qe concept.
  • A new two-row QX65 and redesigned QX80 are on the way.

Nissan was among the first car companies to offer an electric car when it launched the Nissan Leaf in 2011. But 12 years later its luxury division, Infiniti, has yet to produce an EV. That will change soon, with Infiniti announcing four all-new electrified models at this week's Tokyo Motor Show, two of which will be fully electric vehicles. While technically concept cars, these models preview production vehicles Infiniti intends to build and sell in high volumes over the next few years. Details remain sparse, but we like what we’ve seen and heard so far.

These models are all part of Infiniti’s 2030 plan, which calls for the automaker's entire lineup to consist of either electric or hybrid vehicles by the end of the decade. While all four models were announced at Infiniti’s “New Dawn” event in Tokyo, only one was shown to attendees. It offers a preview of Infiniti’s new “Artistry in Motion” design language, which emphasizes a wide stance, smooth bodywork, bright metallic accents and dramatic lighting.

Vision Qe concept previews Inifiniti's first EV

Infiniti's first electric vehicle will be a premium electric sedan, and the Vision Qe concept gives us an insight to its design language. The Vision Qe starts with flowing bodywork, a fastback roofline and wide fenders, giving it a muscular, planted stance. We expect the production version to maintain these proportions, reinforcing the image of performance and luxury established by the Vision Qe. Serving as the first all-electric model from Infiniti means it has to offer more than just low-speed torque and refined high-speed cruising. The aggressive appearance should help it stand out in an increasingly crowded field of electric vehicles.

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Infiniti Vision Qe concept profile

Vision QXe concept — all-electric SUV

The Vision Qe electric sedan will be followed by Infiniti’s first all-electric SUV. The Vision QXe concept should maintain the sedan’s overall design language, but in a shape providing greater interior space for passengers and cargo. Infiniti says the Vision QXe will also showcase its latest technology, which should translate to large display screens, advanced driver assist features, and premium amenities in the areas of audio system sound quality, climate control and seat comfort.

QX65 crossover will be a midsize "coupe"

While not an all-electric model, the QX65 will likely offer a hybrid drivetrain wrapped in a two-row SUV package. The luxury crossover market continues to thrive, and the QX65 will attempt to carve out its own following by borrowing heavily from the brand’s history. Infiniti specifically mentioned its FX crossover as inspiration for the upcoming QX65, and given that model’s forward-looking design language when it debuted in the late 2000s, that's not a bad thing.

New QX80 will reinvent Infiniti’s flagship SUV

The QX Monograph concept previewed the next-generation QX80 when it debuted in August at Pebble Beach. Infiniti confirmed this week the new QX80 will be in showrooms in 2024. The three-row SUV will provide both spacious luxury and advanced technology—along with the same Artistry in Motion exterior design language seen on the QX Monograph. Given the QX80’s close ties to the Nissan Armada, we can logically assume that model’s arrival is similarly imminent.

Infiniti QX Monograph Concept front

Edmunds says

The global push for more advanced vehicle technology, higher fuel efficiency, and ultimately a purely electric fleet of new cars has put intense pressure on every automaker. Infiniti appears to be on a path to meeting these challenges, and from both a design and engineering perspective looks fully capable of executing its 2030 electrification plan.