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Hyundai Launches Bluelink+ With 2023 Ioniq 6, and It's (Mostly) Free

Hyundai's value remains top-notch

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV sedan front three-quarters view
  • Hyundai has just launched a new service for buyers called Bluelink+.
  • Bluelink+ bundles all Connected Care, Remote and Guidance subscription packages into two different tiers.
  • The best part is it will be free for anyone who buys a 2024 or newer Hyundai, but there are options for buyers of used Hyundais too.

Bluelink, Hyundai's suite of connected car services, is getting a series of upgrades. For those unfamiliar, Bluelink is a service offered by Hyundai that links your car to your phone and allows you to control various functions of our vehicle before ever stepping foot inside. The service was offered as a subscription after a complimentary period ran out, but Bluelink+ takes things a step further, offering a subset of features for free for the life of your Hyundai ownership.

Up until this point, Bluelink has been a subscription service offered by Hyundai that was broken up into three packages. The Connected Car, Remote and Guidance packages were free for new Hyundai buyers for three years. (Buyers of certified pre-owned and used Hyundais got three-month trial periods for the three packages.) After that complimentary period expired, each Bluelink package cost $9.90 a month, or $99 a year. With the introduction of Bluelink+ Hyundai is simplifying the package lineup.

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Chart showing Bluelink+ features vs the competition

Bluelink+ is exactly what it sounds like. It's an evolution of that same tech but it's now split into two tiers. The first is the Basic tier, and it comes with several features including automatic collision notification, maintenance alerts and remote diagnostics. The big news is that it's free no matter what. If you buy a 2024 (or newer) Hyundai new, used or CPO, this set of features will be offered at no cost for the life of your ownership.

The second tier of Bluelink+ is the Advanced. It adds on enhanced roadside assistance, remote door lock/unlock, stolen vehicle tracking, speed camera information, remote start with climate controls (down to the heated seats), Hyundai's digital key (which allows you to use your phone as the car's key), and a number of other useful features. The cost? Nothing — if you're a new Hyundai buyer, that is. New-car owners will also get the Advanced tier for free for the term of their ownership. CPO buyers have the Advanced set of features complimentary for a year, and used owners get a three-month trial period. After that it's $12.99 a month.

It sounds like an excellent deal and will only bolster's Hyundai's already excellent value proposition. Bluelink+ will be offered on all new 2024 model year (or newer) Hyundais going forward. The Ioniq 6 electric sedan gets the feature set a year early, so buyers of the EV will be able to take advantage of Bluelink+ for the 2023 model year and onward.

Edmunds says

This is a screamin' deal.