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Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Gets More EV Range Than Any Tesla Model 3

361 miles of max range is nothing to sneeze at

  • The Hyundai Ioniq 6 just got rated by the EPA.
  • The Ioniq 6 SE RWD Long Range gets a whopping 361 miles on a single charge.
  • Other trims were rated too, and estimated range varies from 270 to 316 miles.

The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is the South Korean brand's answer to the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i4. There are few non-luxury EV sedans out, and Hyundai's is starting to look like the most compelling. Our first taste of the Ioniq 6 was in South Korea, and it delivered on being a quiet, comfortable and usable sedan despite its unconventional styling. But, as it turns out, the Ioniq 6 is more than that — it also packs up to 361 miles of EV range.

The EPA has finally put the Ioniq 6 through testing and delivered range numbers for each of the six trim levels. The headline figure is that the base Ioniq 6 SE Long Range with a single motor and rear-wheel drive will reach that 361-mile range figure on a single charge. That's hugely impressive, and is likely down to the car's smaller 18-inch aero wheels (wheels designed specifically to help improve range) and the Ioniq 6's low 0.22 coefficient of drag. For a little context, that's significantly more range than the Model 3, which is currently available in a base trim with 272 miles of max range or Performance trim, which can go 315 miles on a single charge. The BMW i4 has a maximum possible range of 301 miles in eDrive40 trim.

The all-wheel-drive SE Ioniq 6 with 18-inch wheels gets 316 miles of range, barely outstripping the top-spec Model 3. And with the middle-of-the-pack SEL and Limited models, both of which add 20-inch wheels, range falls once more. Rear-drive models on the 20-inchers still crack the 300-mile mark and can travel up to 305 miles on a single charge. Their all-wheel-drive counterparts get up to 270 miles on a single charge. Though the all-wheel-drive models on the larger wheels will likely be the quickest off the line, we wouldn't be surprised if a large volume of buyers opt to swap speed for range and spring for the base model SE on the 18-inch wheels.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 interior

We've yet to put the Ioniq 6 through our real-world range test, but there's a chance the 6 manages to go even farther than the EPA estimates. When we put the Ioniq 5 Limited (the 6's SUV sibling and 2023 Top Rated Electric SUV winner) through our real-world range test, it managed to outperform its EPA estimate of 256 miles, going exactly 270 miles on a single charge. The Ioniq 6 is even more slippery than the 5, and that bodes well for Hyundai's new sedan.

Edmunds says

The Ioniq 6 is looking like and evermore compelling EV these days.