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Honda Set to Unveil All-New Global EV Series at CES 2024

Cool wheels, low ground clearance are our only clues so far

Honda Electric Car concept teaser
  • Honda will reveal its newest EV in January at CES.
  • CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show) has become a favorite launching pad for new EVs.
  • Details so far are sparse, but Honda unveiled a sneak peek.

Last year at the massive CES gathering in Las Vegas, Honda introduced a co-branded EV prototype in partnership with Sony. The midsize sedan, which falls under the new Afeela brand, features 45 cameras and sensors and is expected to be ready for deliveries in 2026.

As an encore, Honda announced today that it will reveal yet another all-electric car at CES in January on its quest to introduce 30 new EVs by 2030. The Japanese automaker offered a sneak peek of the new EV, but so far other details are slim. It’s difficult to say what the photo represents; what we see is perhaps a futuristic wheel design and low-slung front end — is an electric sports car in Honda's near future?

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CES 2024 Honda teaser photo

Honda and GM announced in October that its joint partnership was kaput after the United Auto Workers strike made GM think twice about its part in the splashy $5 billion commitment. Each company says it’s still pursuing electrification; however, Honda appears to be accelerating its plan while GM could be pulling back. All that remains from the ashes of the GM-Honda collaboration is the upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue, which is built on the GM Ultium platform.

We know that the reemergence of Honda's iconic sport coupe, the Prelude, generated a fair amount of buzz at the Tokyo and Los Angeles auto shows. Honda said the Prelude would be equipped with a hybrid powertrain; it would be interesting to see if another sport coupe were on the horizon.

The reveal of Honda’s newest EV is slated for January 9, 2024, at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time at CES. Several Honda executives will be on hand to speak about “Honda’s vision for an electrified society” including Global CEO Toshihiro Mibe and Global Executive Vice President Shinji Aoyama.

Edmunds says

We can't wait to see more of Honda's new EV. This puzzle piece is just enough to pique our interest.