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These Are the Cheapest Cars, SUVs and Trucks in 2024

These vehicles prove there's a difference between "inexpensive" and "cheap"

These Are The Cheapest Cars For 2024
  • We narrow down the list of cheapest cars, trucks and SUVs on sale in 2024.
  • In each segment, we detail three excellent options.
  • At the end of each segment, we pick the one we'd actually spend our money on.

Even though new cars keep getting more expensive, finding a good, cheap car is perhaps the easiest it has ever been. That mostly comes down to the fact that "cheap" is no longer a byword for "bad" — at least, not in the world of cars.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of the cheapest cars, SUVs and trucks on sale in 2024. Every car on this list brings something unique to the table, be it affordability, a great suite of tech, a surprisingly nice interior, or "gotta-have-that" optional extras at reasonable prices.

Of course, while all of these inexpensive cars are better than they've ever been, there's always going to be one that rises above the rest of the pack. That's why at the end of each segment we pick the one we'd actually park in our garage. So, who's on the list, who wins and who loses? Check out the video below — and for more information, take a look the list below.


Nissan Versa: The Nissan Versa is the cheapest car you can buy right now. It comes with a surprisingly long list of standard driver aids and a nice enough interior that you won't feel punished for not spending any more coin than you need to.

Kia Forte: The Forte is longer and wider than the Versa, and that means more space for passengers. It also has more power and that means it's not as sluggish off the line. It sports the nicest interior of the three cheapest cars you can buy, too, and that's enough to elevate it above the two Nissans here. The Forte is easily our pick of this small but scrappy bunch.

Nissan Sentra: The Sentra is a similar size to the Forte, and comes with the same long list of driver aids the Versa does. If you want a small Nissan, consider the Sentra. It has a nicer interior than the Versa, has a little bit more power so it's not as slow, and we think it's quite handsome as well.


Hyundai Venue: The Hyundai Venue is the smallest SUV you can buy right now. It's a little plain jane inside, but it's got more space than your average hatchback and the tech isn't exactly lacking despite its petite size. Our major gripe is, though efficient, the engine in the Venue doesn't make that much power and that means it just isn't that fun.

Kia Soul: Yes, the Kia Soul is technically an SUV. Its super boxy proportions and upright stance make it perfect for carrying people and hauling some gear along, too. It also offers a list of inexpensive optional goodies (like just $500 for blind-spot monitoring) that make lots of car math sense to us.

Chevrolet Trax: The Trax has undergone a glorious transformation from uninspired econobox to a sporty-looking SUV. Everything about it is better than before. It sports the nicest cabin with the latest and greatest tech, a punchy turbocharged engine as standard, and one of the biggest cabins in its class. That's why the Trax is our pick of the mini SUV litter. Sadly, none of the cars on this list offer all-wheel drive, but that doesn't dampen our enthusiasm for this little Chevy.


Ford Maverick: The Ford Maverick is the least expensive truck on sale right now, and we love it. You can have either a hybrid engine or a turbocharged unit for more poke. You can also get two different off-road packs, tow up to 4,000 pounds (when properly equipped), and have the option for all-wheel drive. If it were our money, we'd pick this little Ford. Stellar fuel economy, easy to use proportions, and a fun-to-drive nature that might actually put a smile on your face make this trucklet well worth its asking price. If only they weren't so hard to get your hands on.

Hyundai Santa Cruz: The Hyundai Santa Cruz is the only other small truck option here, and while we like its well-appointed interior and funky looks, we can't get past the fact that the best one isn't the cheapest one. If you want a Santa Cruz that's fun to drive, has decent power, and has all the best features, you're going to need to spend upwards of $38,000 and that's definitely not cheap.

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While there are certainly no losers in this group, we think our picks are the cream of their respective crops.