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Edmunds U-Drags: Mercedes-AMG EQE vs. Lucid Air GT — EV Heavyweight Face-off

A fair fight between two electric heavyweights

Edmunds U-Drags: Mercedes-AMG EQE vs. Lucid Air Grand Touring
  • Our long-term Lucid Air goes head-to-head with the Mercedes-AMG EQE sedan.
  • Our U-Drags format is the perfect way to test more than just straight-line speed.
  • Who's coming out on top?

Let's get one thing cleared up right out of the gate: Right now, this is as fair a fight as you're going to get between these brands. While it might seem like the Lucid Air competes more with the larger and more powerful Mercedes-Benz EQS, when you compare their overall size and price tags, the EQE sedan (especially here in AMG spec) is a much closer competitor.

The EQE and the Lucid are are just one inch apart in overall length, while the EQS is at least 10 inches longer than both. The EQS is also heavier and makes more power, but both fall short of the Lucid anyway. The EQE AMG we have here makes 617 horsepower (677 hp with an overboost function), while our long-term Lucid Air Grand Touring makes 819 horsepower. With an extra 200 horspower on tap and less weight to lug around, the Lucid is the clear favorite.

However, the AMG we put to the test in this U-Drags showdown had two very important options. The first are AMG's carbon-ceramic brakes that resist fade and will hold up better against the AMG's massive weight. The second is a stickier, more performance-oriented tire pacakge. Will these two things be enough to help make up for the power deficit in the AMG? Watch the video below to find out!

Edmunds says

While we miss the old AMGs with their raucous V8s, there's no doubt how effective the new crop of fully electric AMGs are. Check out our updated U-Drags Leaderboard to see where the EQE AMG ended up.