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Camera Defects Cause Half-Million Car Recall From Ford, Lincoln

Ford issues a half-million car recall for its SUVs, as well as a few Lincoln models, due to faulty cameras

2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid 4dr SUV Exterior Shown
  • Ford has recalled 422,000 cars for a camera failure.
  • Owners may see a blue image, or fully black or blue screen, when using their 360-degree cameras.
  • Ford said it began notifying affected owners in late June.

Nearly half a million Ford Explorer SUVs, along with Lincoln Aviator and Corsair models, are the subject of a NHTSA recall. The NHTSA’s filings state that some 2020-2023 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Corsair models with the 360-degree camera system may experience a failure in the system. However, as a little peace of mind for affected owners, Ford noted a remedy is already under development.

The recall, which followed a February recall for loose transmission bolts, was announced on May 12. The NHTSA Safety Recall Report says that only vehicles with the 360-degree camera are affected — base models with the federally mandated rearview camera are not. Recalled parts entered production around October 19, 2018, and Ford removed the parts from production as of May 2, 2023.

Lincoln Aviator

The NHTSA filings describe the safety risk as follows: “loss of rear camera image while in reverse increases the risk of a crash.” A more technical explanation beyond “it's broken” was also provided. A loss of video frames in the image processing module B occurs during reinitialization or when the cameras enter sleep mode during the reinitialization process. As a result, these models are susceptible to a blue image or a full blue or black screen.

Meanwhile, the parts for the nearly half a million cars have been removed from production. Ford has already started to notify its owners about the recall, but more curious customers can go straight to the NHTSA's website, enter their VIN (vehicle identification number) and check to see if their Ford or Lincoln is affected.

Edmunds says

While the sheer scale of this recall sounds daunting, the fix will likely be an over-the-air update or a dealer-installed one. Camera failures sound like they are the result of a software issue, so owners may be in for a quick fix on this one.