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2025 Toyota Camry: Everything We Know

A new Camry is always a big deal

2025 Toyota Camry spy shot
  • A new Toyota Camry is coming for 2025.
  • Toyota may opt for a major face-lift or a total redesign.
  • Either way, the new Camry is going to be a major change compared to the current car.
  • Get everything we know down below ⬇️

Make no mistake: The 2025 Toyota Camry is a big deal. When one of the world's most popular sedans gets a major update, other automakers perk up and listen. A new one is coming, and soon, so here's everything we know about the next Toyota Camry.

2025 Toyota Camry: A new style

The current Camry is growing a little bit long in the tooth, but new spy shots of a heavily camouflaged successor indicate that a new one is coming soon. The 2025 Toyota Camry is due sometime next year, and based on what we can see here, it's looking like a radical departure from the current car.

The current car's big grille and sharp edges helped dismiss the idea that this Camry generation is just a point A to point B appliance, but now the design has become commonplace thanks to the sheer number of Camrys on the road. Based on our spy shots, the new Camry appears to be going for a new look that emphasizes a more fastback profile. The proportions — specifically, the angle of the front pillars and the amount of rear overhang — look largely similar to the current car, and this might fuel speculation that Toyota will instead opt for a heavy refresh of the current car instead of introducing an all-new model.

2025 Toyota Camry spy shot headlight detail

While that approach is certainly possible given the shrinking size of the sedan market, we think the changes to the new car will be so significant that the 2024 and 2025 Camrys won't really look alike at all. Expect styling that's been inspired by the current Crown (Toyota's funky lifted sedan that replaced the Avalon). That means a large front end, slim LED headlights, and the possibility of a full-width LED light bar on the rear trunk.

We expect the changes to the interior to be as significant as the exterior ones. Toyota's most recent infotainment software will certainly be present, along with a larger center display. The whole thing will look new, with a new steering wheel, new dashboard layout and new materials. This going to be a full overhaul, and once again we can expect elements of the Crown's interior styling to make it to the Camry.

2025 Toyota Camry profile spy shots

2025 Toyota Camry: No more V6?

As for what's powering the new Camry, we expect there to be a plethora of options. The current car offers a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine in lower trims and a free-breathing 3.5-liter V6 in more well-equipped models. While it's reasonable to assume the four-cylinder and its 203 horsepower will stay, the V6 doesn't really line up with Toyota's current focus on hybrids. We expect it will be dropped.

Toyota's hybrid-heavy lineup means there's no doubt a Camry Hybrid will be making a return. Right now, the Camry Hybrid features an electric motor paired with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, with the combo producing 208 total system horsepower. Given that the new Prius is nipping at the Camry's toes in terms of output (up to 196 hp), we expect the upcoming Camry to offer a bit more power underhood. Nobody wants to be beaten by a Prius, not least of all a more premium Toyota.

2025 Toyota Camry rear end in spy shot

2025 Toyota Camry: How much will it cost?

Pricing is still very much unknown, but the Camry has always been a favorite for buyers who want something affordable, reliable and still spacious. The current Camry starts at $27,415, and we wouldn't be surprised if the new Camry came with a small bump in price. That said, it's very safe to assume the base model won't be cracking the $30,000 mark. As for the Camry Hybrid, we expect to see it start at just over $30,000.

It's worth noting that a lot of this is still speculation, and that more information about the Camry will trickle out of Toyota as its 2024 release comes ever closer.

2025 Toyota Camry spy shot

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The new Camry is nigh, and we’ll be sure to update you on everything we learn until its release.