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2025 Honda Civic Hybrid First Drive: One of the Best Gets Better

A hybrid-powered Civic is a winning formula

2025 Honda Civic Sedan Sport Hybrid front action
  • The 2025 Honda Civic adds a hybrid powertrain option.
  • EPA ratings are forthcoming, but Honda says to expect 50 mpg from the Civic hybrid.
  • Other small updates make the Honda Civic even better than before.

The 11th-generation Honda Civic is a hard car to beat; it does practically everything well. How could Honda possibly make it better? Give it a super-efficient hybrid powertrain.

More efficient and better to drive

The 2025 Civic's top two trim levels are now hybrids. Gone are the old EX and Touring, and in their places are the Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring Hybrid. The Civic hybrids use the same powertrain found in the Accord and CR-V hybrids: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder paired with two electric motors that make a combined 200 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque. That's a touch less than the 204 hp the very same system makes in the Accord and CR-V, but on the other hand, it's exactly as much power as you get in the sporty Civic Si.

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2025 Honda Civic Sedan Sport Hybrid rear 3/4

In the Civic, Honda's hybrid system is smooth and torquey off the line. Honda's Linear Shift Control system for its continuously variable transmission mimics traditional gear changes instead of letting the engine rage against its rev limiter when you demand full power. There's more than enough pep when you need it and excellent fuel economy when you tone things back down.

Though you might associate hybrids with dynamic boredom, that's not the case here. The Civic is eager to turn in and neatly pivots into tight bends with less understeer than before. Hybridization has in no way dulled the sharpness that we've come to know and love in the Civic. The new car is also quieter than before, especially at highway speeds, making it a more relaxing cruiser.

The EPA hasn't rated this car just yet, but Honda expects the Civic hybrid models to crack 50 mpg combined. That puts it just at the Toyota Corolla Hybrid's max 50 mpg combined and right below the Toyota Prius' 54 mpg.

What else is new?

There are other finer detail changes throughout the 2025 Civic range. The taillights are smoked on the hybrids and top-spec Touring models get some fancy-looking six-spoke 19-inch wheels. There's a new front bumper and the Touring's interior gets the Accord's Google-based operating system for the infotainment system, as well as a heated steering wheel.

2025 Honda Civic Sedan Sport Touring Hybrid interior

The Civic's interior has always been a nice place to be, and almost nothing has changed for 2025. There is now a gray color option for higher trims and there are two USB-C ports up front. Overall, the Civic's cabin continues to be a high-quality affair, and the controls for the volume, A/C, and the buttons on the steering wheel all feel best in class.

The Civic is also surprisingly roomy inside despite its compact size. Taller passengers fit in the front row without issues, and the back seats can accommodate average-size adults. This is also a great car for overall visibility. Thin front pillars and a low dash make it easy to see what's ahead, and there are virtually no blind spots.

Tech updates

Honda is adding the excellent Google built-in software to the Civic for 2025, but only if you spring for a Touring model. This brings Google Maps, a Google-powered voice assistant, and the ability to add third-party apps such as Spotify. The Touring also gets Honda's upgraded 9-inch touchscreen and a 12-speaker Bose audio system that, as it did before, leads the class when it comes to stereos. It would be nice to see the Google technology across more trim levels since it’s such a positive addition to the car’s tech experience, but at least Honda includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on all the Civic's trims.

The last of the changes for 2025 comes down to Honda's suite of driver aids. A little more fine-tuning of its driver assistance systems means adaptive cruise control follows the car ahead of you more consistently and is able to find the center of the lane and hold you there. There's no ping-ponging between lane lines at all — even with torrential rain and truly abysmal visibility on my drive route outside of Montreal. The Civc's safety systems were always some of the best, but just like the rest of the car, they have only gotten better for 2025.

2025 Honda Civic Sedan Sport Touring Hybrid front 3/4

A no-brainer hybrid

Adding hybrid power only makes the Honda Civic even more enjoyable. The 2025 Civic starts at $25,345 for the base model (which maintains the same 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine that makes 158 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque). If you want electrification you'll need to fork out at least $29,845 for the Sport Hybrid, while the Touring is priced from $32,845. These cars are already on their way to dealers nationwide.

Edmunds says

We wholeheartedly recommend the Honda Civic hybrid to anyone looking for a small, efficient car that's genuinely great to drive.