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Toyota Teased the 2023 Sequoia. Here’s Everything We Know

Toyota Teased the 2023 Sequoia. Here’s Everything We Know

For the first time since 2008, there is a new Sequoia coming

  • A brand-new Toyota Sequoia is on the way.
  • It will use a lot of the bits introduced in the new Tundra.
  • It will be the first truly new Sequoia since 2008.

The second-generation Toyota Sequoia has been with us for so long that George W. Bush was still in office when the current iteration of this large body-on-frame SUV was introduced. Now, after a 15-year run, the Sequoia is about to be replaced with an all-new version that will be based primarily on the all-new Toyota Tundra. A recent teaser image from Toyota suggests that it's "on the horizon," and while that doesn't really satisfy our appetite for a launch date, it's nice to know that the new SUV is finally almost here.

Everything we know about the 2023 Toyota Sequoia

Everything we know about the new Sequoia comes straight from the new Tundra. The previous iterations of both trucks were closely linked, and we expect more of the same for the SUV's third generation. To start, that means their exterior designs will be related; expect a number of design cues from the Tundra to make their way to the Sequoia. Under the sheetmetal, the V8 that powered the old car is more than likely a goner. It should be replaced by the 389-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 that bolts up to the Tundra's new 10-speed automatic. We expect the hybridized i-Force Max V6 with 437 horsepower to make an appearance as well.

The frame suspension architecture will also be adapted from the truck, but with the necessary changes made to accommodate the Sequoia's SUV body. Expect Toyota to do away with the leaf springs at the rear — just like the automaker did in the newest Tundra — in favor of standard coil springs, twin-tube shocks, and a multilink suspension to handle the axle. What we aren't sure about is if the rear air suspension found on higher-spec Tundras will make its way to the Sequoia. It might be reserved for the TRD models, or Toyota may opt to keep costs down and not adapt the setup to the SUV at all.

Speaking of TRD, we fully expect an off-road-ready version of the new Sequoia to appear along with a plethora of other trims. Right now, the Tundra is available in seven variants ranging from the SR to the Capstone, with the off-road-centric TRD Pro thrown in for good measure. Most of these trim levels will likely make their way to the Sequoia too, all of which sport varied interior equipment and exterior fixings. The interior will more than likely ape the design of the Tundra too, with its massive screen, numerous cubbies and vast sense of space, but with the added benefit of seating for seven.

We're sure Toyota has some Sequoia-specific surprises up its sleeve too, but we won't know for sure what those are until the SUV breaks cover.

Edmunds says

True to its namesake, the current Sequoia enjoys a curiously long life span. With a sapling just around the corner, all we can say is: It's about time.