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Better than M4 and C63

Rick, 03/07/2019
quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A)
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I have now had this car for a year and give you an accurate real world review, not the stupid reviews that every car magazine will give you Pros: Very fast Comfortable when not in dynamic mode. All wheel drive is amazing I like the stealth mode of Audi RS cars. Most people don’t know what they are and I like that. Plenty of room even in the back seat. Can fit 4 adults as long as the ones in the back are shorter than say 5’8” Good mpg when not racing it. I can get 30mpg on highway cruising to work around 70mph Interior is amazing and infotainment is great Exhaust sound doesn’t wear you out Brakes are rock solid Cons: Dynamic mode is rough on the roads in St Louis. Could have more aggressive sound but it’s a V6 and I’m SICK of people always saying but it’s not a V8 and doesn’t sound good. EVERYONE knows a V8 sounds better. Stop beating a dead horse with this. I knew this when I bought the car. If you have ever owned a car that has loud exhaust, you will admit there are times when it can get a little old when just cruising around (rarely but does happen) Absolutely no aftermarket performance parts are available in the US yet Transmission can be a little slow to downshift even in dynamic mode Now for my complaints with other reviews: Magazines want to compare this to the M4 and C63 which are RWD and they all say but it doesn’t have the fun factor blah blah blah. I’m 40. I don’t need to do a burn out around every corner and maybe when driven at 10/10 on a track, those might beat the RS5. When driven at ANYTHING less than that and on any street in America, the RS5 is safer and will destroy those cars and more especially from a launch with the AWD. I have raced a hellcat and embarrassed it. People buy Audis partly for the stealth aspect of them. There are a lot of people that don’t need to be flashy and loud all the time. What this car does is murder the competition without making a big deal about it. Audi buyers don’t have to have all eyes on them and say “look at me!” Like every BMW driver. Finally, if you want a sports coupe that is fast, solid, safe and not flashy, the RS5 is your car. If you want to live on a race track only, get the M4. If you want to have an awesome exhaust note and buy new tires every month from your daily burnouts, get the C63

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Beyond and ultimate driving machine!

William, 09/27/2019
quattro 2dr Coupe AWD (2.9L 6cyl Turbo 8A)
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I’ve been driving BMWs for 15 years and this was my first Audi! It has surpassed ALL expectation! The seats are extremely comfortable. The drive modes provide a wide range of comfort and performance. If your more into a Lexus type ride, the comfort mode provides that while performance and handling under dynamic makes you feel you’re on the autobahn! I only wish I had bought one years ago!

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